Kershaw Amphibian Review

kershaw amphibian knifeNot every deep sea diver or reef dweller heads for deep waters to observe marine life. If you’re a diver with ambitious objectives, you’ll need an underwater tool that can help free marine life traps, battle sea kelp, extract yourself from dangerous situations or tap a fellow diver to grab his attention. As a matter of fact, the right amphibian knife could save your life if strong currents prohibit your fingers from grabbing anchor points, which is why wearing a sheath-bearing Kershaw Amphibian knife is one of the wisest investments you could make if this describes your favorite leisure activity. There are other amphibian pocket knives on the market, but not every one of them earns solid reviews by owners who wouldn’t jump into the ocean without theirs.

Overview: The Kershaw Amphibian is a sleek, simple, straightforward tool engineered to be used not admired. Fabricated of corrosion-resistant 420J2 stainless steel that runs the length of the blade from tip to pommel, the knife’s handle features a co-polymer insert designed for strong grips above or below water. If you worry about weight, this full-tang co-polymer insert handle could be your decision maker: it’s a skeleton-formed handle designed for weight reduction. Both sides of the blade are sharpened for dual purposes: standard and partially serrated edges allow you to flip the Kershaw in mid-action to find the edge your project requires. Dive with confidence thanks to the press-n-pull mechanism built into the Kershaw Kydex Diver’s Sheath that keeps the knife snuggly positioned. For an extra measure of security, designers added quick-release buckles to the depth-compensating leg straps to give you more control over your movements.

The Blade: The aforementioned blade serration feature has been added to this handy knife by designers to give divers a more aggressive “style” of cutting. Whether you’re challenged by rope, cord or other fibrous materials, the scalloped edge offers powerful cutting ease whether it’s being used to push or pull against materials that can easily rip or tear when other brands of amphibian knives are employed to do the same job. The fixed blade is fabricated of polished satin-finished steel and it’s securely fastened to the handle’s midst so it does not fold down. Bundled with a sheath that protects the blade from injuring you or inadvertently scraping against natural materials that could damage the blade, this 3.75-inches long blade makes up one half of the 7.75-inch long tool from tip to handle.

The Pros: As a rule, purchasers enthusiastic about Kershaw Amphibians are particularly complimentary about the strength and sharpness of the blade. Law enforcement and military owners freely admit to using theirs as a back-up when undertaking challenging emergency situations while non-combatant role owners were less loquacious, calling this knife the perfect balance of strength, shape and weight that made their experiences consistently idyllic. Myriad Kershaw owners report owning a library of knives and wouldn’t consider another brand, so adding an Amphibian to their collections is a given. A majority of owners rave about razor sharp blades that stay that way for years. For the most part reviews surrounding the Kershaw Amphibian tends toward the “I’ve had this knife for 20 years and it still performs and looks like new!” caliber, thus a loyal fan base recommends this model with great enthusiasm.

The Cons: Even fans of the Kershaw Amphibian knife express some dissatisfaction with the sheath that comes bundled with this knife, but an equal number of reviewers were so happy with the blade, weight and feel, that they simply discounted complaints, commenting that the knife offer such precision cuts, one forgets about sheath issues from the get-go when performance outweighs minor criticisms. A few purchasers found their blades dull when orders were received, but a quick sharpening brought the blade to life. For loyal owners sticking with what they know over adding a new knife brand to their inventories, infrequent reports about worn-out locking mechanisms have arisen, but as faithful owners attest, continual use over a decade can require a little TLC so this handy knife carries for decades to come!

Conclusions: Weighing comments from buyers and owners produces a picture of satisfaction. Consider the remarks of shoppers who own more than one, are brand loyal—despite a few issues surrounding the sheath–a fairly minor point when considering the rugged, tough job the blade and handle tackle underwater where challenges are formidable and performance counts. Why do people continue to buy Kershaws? For the company’s reputation, years in business and experiences that have resulted in sticking with the knife even if the sheath underperforms. When consensus seems to be “This knife is totally awesome,” it begs the question of how much importance to put on the sheath in light of the fact that this Amphibian knife draws repeat buyers—some who say they owe their physical health and well being to this tool’s sturdy handle and erstwhile blade.