Benchmade 810 Contego Review

Benchmade is known for manufacturing some of the best and most popular knives available on the market today. Since their beginnings back in the early ’90s, Benchmade has consistently led the pack in technological advances like being the first knife-maker to implement laser machinery in-house. Their unique approach of combining modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with old school, custom knife-making skills has garnered them numerous prestigious awards, and the admiration of countless satisfied customers. A vast majority of their cutlery is highly coveted by knife collectors and connoisseurs, and the number of four and five star reviews on sites like Amazon is almost unbelievable.

The 810 Contego Folding Knife Basic Stats

benchmade 810 contegoArguably the most popular and well-loved of all Benchmade folding knives is the 810 Contego. The durability and utility of this knife, as well as its aggressive Osborne design features and highly valued M4 blade steel make it a must-have for anyone searching for a defensive knife that will never let them down. The Contego is large and solidly built with a nice heft. Its basic specifications include:

  • Blade Length: 3.98″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.156″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.550″
  • Weight: 5.92oz
  • Overall Length: 9.28″
  • Closed Length: 5.30″

The 810 Contego Folding Knife Feature Specifications

The Contego has many design features that sets it apart from other comparable foldable knives. The handle is constructed from the anti-slip G10 material beloved by many Contego owners, and its textured contours and ergonomic structure ensures that it fits the hand tightly and comfortably. Inserted within the handle are ultra-tough, stainless steel backspacers and liners that add to its strength and enables the Contego to stand-up to almost any kind of punishment. A tip-up, deep-carry pocket clip holds the knife securely to a pocket or belt while allowing for a quick and effortless deployment.

The blade may be the most desirable feature on the entire knife. Every owner who has held and used the Contego cannot rave about it enough. The incredibly durable and razor sharp CPM-M4 steel that makes up the blade rarely needs sharpening and comes stock with a factory edge that can nearly split hairs. The Contego sports a wicked looking and functional reverse tanto blade design that is available in the classic plain edge or the ComboEdge style with the choice of a black or satin silver finish. There are two thumb stud openers that make both left and right hand blade deployment a breeze.

Like many other Benchmade foldable knives, the Contego comes equipped with the patented AXIS locking mechanism. This folding lock performs far better than any other generic mechanism typically used by other manufacturers. The AXIS allows for extremely fast deployment and retraction of the blade. This Benchmade exclusive innovation ensures that the Contego can be safely and reliably opened and closed with no disruption or awkwardness. The importance of being able to consistently get the Contego into hand with the blade deployed in a quick fashion cannot be overstated. AXIS makes that possible with its unique spring-loaded design and durable construction that hardly ever fails.

The last, but certainly not least, feature on the Contego is the small carbide glass breaker. As long as this knife is close at hand, potentially dangerous situations are easily dealt with. The carbide point has a very low profile, and it isn’t sharp like other similar designs. While that may not seem to be very important, comparable knives from different manufacturers that include a carbide point typically make them sharp. Those sharp points will almost inevitably cut or scratch a hand when attempting to pull it from a pocket. This can be extremely irritating and make it difficult to quickly and easily deploy the lesser knives. Fortunately, the Contego is so well envisioned that when Osborne and Benchmade designed it, they seem to have thought of absolutely everything.

Personal Thoughts on the 810 Contego

I have owned the same 810 Contego for over five years now, and it is by far the best knife in my collection. Although the weight and size may seem rather big, once you get it in your hand you realize that is the perfect dimensions. Because of the Contego’s blade length, I can do most of the same things with it that I do with my fixed blade knives. Whether I’m going hunting or fishing or just taking my daughter to the park, I never leave home without my Contego.