The Best Knife Accessories of 2021

It goes without saying that in addition to purchasing your knife, accessories will soon follow. These accessories can include the following:

In this guide, we’ll go over some of these categories according to their price and handiness. Depending on the knife in question and its usefulness indoors and out, some of these accessories may be preferable to others. Budget is always going to be a factor, but you’re going to want to keep your knife as clean and safe as it can be.


Here, we have the best knife sharpeners of 2018. Knife sharpeners are more needed than you think. On the molecular level, your knife gets flatter each time you run it through meat or the thick hide of an animal. These sharpeners are guaranteed to keep your knife as sharp as possible to do the work you need it to do.

Messermeister Chef’s Edge-Guard

The Edge-Guard is a simple sheath with two entry points for knives. It holds blades up to 8 inches in length and is not limited to chef’s or kitchen blades.

Victorinox RH Forschner BladeSafe

Victorinox is the renowned swiss army knife manufacturer, so it makes sense it would create a quality sheath. The BladeSafe holds blades 6-8 inches long (but comes in different sizes) and is safe to go in a dishwasher. It’s common to see these on kitchen knives but it has universal uses in terms of knives.

Ka-Bar 1216 Full-size Black Hard Knife Sheath

Ka-Bar’s 1216 only fits Ka-Bar knives up to 7 inches in length. Ka-Bar knives have a specific makeup and texture to them and its unlikely to fit any other type of knife. Nevertheless, this is a quality sheath for Ka-Bar products of those dimensions.

The Whole Earth Supply leather sheath holds knives up to 6 inches in length which include skinning tools and hunting knives. It also has a belt loop if you’re looking to attach it to your hip.

Boker Leather Sheath I

The Boker sheath is made out of leather and holds knives up to 3 inches in length. This sheath comes with a strap that buttons closed to keep the knife sheathed. Its a fancy and high-quality sheath that doesn’t sacrifice protection for looks.

Nite Ize Tool Holster Stretch

The Nite Ize holster may look like its more designed for multi-tool and foldable blades, but it works fine for knives as well. It comes with a hip clip that rotates a full 360 degrees. It can hold tools and knives up to 5 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. An over the top strap buttons down to keep the knife/tool secure.

Case Side Draw Belt Sheath

Case’s sheath is made of quality leather and holds knives and tools up to 3.75 inches in length, more specifically pocket knives. While generally geared towards Case products, knives and tools that fit its dimension should be fine.

What to look for in sheaths

Sheaths come in a variety of materials including leather and metal; the question is, which one do you choose? Your first step is going to be choosing the correct size of sheath for your knife. Leather sheaths are known to absorb moisture and transfer it to the blade, causing rust, so why do they still make them?

  • Overall, leather sheaths work great in most conditions except when they’re soaking wet. The “absorbing moisture” factor is kind of an overstatement considering that air oxidizes metal anyway. Many sheath owners enjoy leather because it’s comfortable and easy to use.

Regardless, the priority for you is to purchase a sheath with a correct length and width before you consider material.


Cuda Knife Bag

This bag may say its designed for Cuda knives but in reality, it fits blades up to 9 inches in length with different sized pouches. It zips up and locks for added protection from the elements.

Messermeister 5-Pocket Padded Knife Roll

Messermeister’s dedicated knife bag has five pockets with the largest able to hold an 18-inch long blade. Even though it only holds five knives, it keeps them protected via three zippers and water-resistant materials. The bags come in a variety of colors if style is something that concerns you.

Chef Pak 14-pocket Knife Roll

Chef Pak’s knife roll is designed more for the food and culinary jobs but still holds 14 types of knives. It comes with utility pockets for smaller items. It features no zippers and instead has two buckles that snap shut.

Boldric Black Leather Knife Bag

 Boldric’s leather knife bag is your ultimate knife workhorse, sporting 18 different sized pouches and its largest pockets can hold a knife up to 17 inches long. It also has a couple of utility pockets for things such as tablets, pens, and business cards. It is strapped shut but two large belt buckles.

What to look for knife bags

If you have a lot of knives, a roll or bag may be in your best interest. There are certain products that market themselves as specifically for hunters or chefs but the reality is that any works so long as you have the correct length and width of pocket for each knife.

Chances are you’re going to have some knives that don’t fit in any pocket if you have an abundance of tools. The best thing would be to start cheap with the smaller bags and then move to the higher carrying bags once you’ve decided you need large capacity.

Cleaning Kits and Oils

Flitz KG

The Flitz cleaning kit comes with polish, wax, and cleaner for knives and guns. In particular with guns, the polish and cleaner will remove rust and keep the knife free of grime and other rust causing elements. Flitz gets major brownie points for being eco-friendly.

It also comes with a microfiber cloth that wipes down metal surfaces.

United Cutlery Metal Glo Polishing Paste

Metal Glo paste is cheap and uses for most stainless steel/carbon steel products including knives, axes, and swords. It comes in a 1.4 oz tube, so you’ll get plenty of uses out of it before you have to consider getting more.

Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE

TUF-GLIDE is an oil-free lubricant perfect for firearms and other metals. The best part about TUF-GLIDE is that while it displaces foreign elements on your gear, it doesn’t thicken when exposed to extreme heat or cold.

FrogLube FrogTube 5 Piece Kit

The FrogTube 5-piece kit comes with a variety of pastes and tools for you to do some deep cleaning of your tools. Each paste is USDA approved and eco-friendly. But what the real focus is that the FrogLube gets ride of rust and oxidizing elements.

What to look for in cleaning kits

Cleaning kits come with a variety of products, but you’re going to want to compare what you’re getting with the price. Products like the FrogLube give you all the necessary lubricants and polishes to clean your knives while having an overall affordable price.

In a matter of speaking, accessories within accessories are always nice, but your focus should be on the polishes and lubricants themselves before anything else.