Knife Laws in Wyoming

Wyoming’s knife laws are very close to matching a “Constitutional Carry” concept, though they are not quite as permissive as that idea. It is legal to own any knife or bladed implement in Wyoming, with no exceptions. It is also legal for residents to open carry or concealed carry any deadly weapon provided that they meet the qualifications for a concealed weapon license. Note that it is not necessary to possess such a license, but merely to qualify fully for one and be a resident of the state.

Visitors to the state are allowed to own or open carry any knife, but must have a concealed weapons permit with Wyoming reciprocity in order to carry any knife concealed.

Wyoming’s state constitution makes preemption a non-issue. The law functions as an effective preemption, overriding all local ordinances on the matter.

Legality of Knife Possession

There is no limit on the varieties of knives which may be owned in the state of Wyoming, and which may be bought, sold, given or received as gifts, manufactured, and so on. All kinds of folding and fixed knives, single-edged and double-edged blades (such as hunting knives, Bowie knives, daggers, and stilettos), switchblades, gravity knives, balisong knives, swords, machetes, push knives, and disguised blades such as lipstick knives are legal to own in Wyoming.

Carrying these weapons is illegal on school grounds, in schools, or in other public property. Private property posted as weapon-free is also an illegal place to carry knives (though anti-gun posting is much more common).

Knife Length Limit

The Equality State does not impose any blade length limits on knives for any legal purposes.

Concealed Carry of Knives

Any Wyoming resident can conceal carry any dangerous weapon, including knives, provided that they meet the concealed carry permit requirements. These include having been a Wyoming resident for at least 6 months, plus a resident of the United States; being 21 years old or older; has not abused controlled substances within the past year; does not have a misdemeanor conviction in the past year, or a felony conviction ever; is not legally incompetent; and has not been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

The resident must carry a state-issued photo ID at the same time as carrying the knife concealed, in order to prove their residency.

Non-residents must possess a concealed weapons license from a state which shares reciprocity with Wyoming, or obtain a Wyoming license, prior to carrying a concealed knife or other weapon.

Other Knife Law Considerations in Wyoming

Wyoming’s knife laws are short, permit practically all types of knives to be open carried, and allow residents full concealed carry rights for knives and other weapons. Knife owners who do not use their knives for criminal purposes will usually never experience any legal difficulties due to owning or carrying their knives.

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