Kershaw Shuffle Review

The Kershaw Shuffle is a handy little pocket knife from one of the world’s most popular knife makers, Kershaw, which is owned by the same company that makes Zero Tolerance. The Shuffle is designed to be extremely light and easy to carry and use, and all of its movable parts have a nice, tight feel so that you know the blade won’t fold up while you’re using it. You can switch the carry clip to either side so that you can discreetly carry it in your right or left pocket, in either direction, and use it with either hand. The handle has a steel loop for tying it to a lanyard, and the loop unfolds into a very useful little screwdriver that stands up to as much torque as you can give it. On the top side of the handle, there is a bottle opener that can be used to take the lid off of any beverage or crack open nut shells, depending on the situation. All in all, it’s an excellent little knife with overwhelmingly positive reviews from owners. For its price tag of about $15, it offers some of the best light- to medium-duty cutting available.

Tons of Features Built Into a Compact Knife

kershaw shuffleThe handle is textured with Kershaw’s branded K-Texture grip, which has the pattern of a repeated letter K and helps prevent your hand from slipping on the handle. It’s unlikely that your hand will slip, however, because it’s grooved to fit your fingers just below the blade. The pocket knife’s design is strikingly compact and manages to fit a whole slew of features into fewer than six inches of space when open. The blade’s length is 2.375 inches, and the handle’s length is 3.25 inches. At 2.8 ounces, it weighs so little that you won’t even notice that you’re carrying it; if you forget, you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your pocket because the clip holds it in quite tightly.

The blade has a stubby, rounded shape and comes with a sharp edge that doesn’t get dull for the first several weeks you own it. It helps to sharpen it periodically, but it’s not necessary to do it often as the blade is constructed from 8Cr13MoV steel, which is engineered to maintain a sharp edge. The knife can be used for anything from cutting a steak to cutting branches for a fire, and it’s sturdy enough to cut through sheet metal or plastic when properly sharpened. The thumb stud allows you to open the knife one-handed, so if you’re ever in a survival situation with one hand occupied, you can slip the knife out of your pocket and flick it open with your free hand. It doesn’t have an assisted opening mechanism, and for the price, it’s hard to argue that it should. The unassisted method gets the job done, and the blade’s liner lock snaps it into place so that you don’t have to worry about it folding up while you’re using it.

Overall Thoughts on This Unique Little Knife

Kershaw has done a great job of designing a handle to fit the vast majority of hand sizes. The knife and blade are so small and compact that designing a one-size-fits-all handle must have been a great challenge, and Kershaw has pulled it off quite nicely. To accommodate larger hands, the finger grooves extend a few centimeters onto the blade, so when the knife is open, the blade actually provides some of the grip of the handle. It’s really the perfect knife for anyone who needs a small cutting utensil with a hard, sharp blade for an affordable price. Adding in the extra features, such as the screwdriver and bottle opener, makes the Shuffle a useful all-around tool for work, outdoor activities, fishing, camping or just having around the house. It’s built tightly and feels sturdy with absolutely no play between the blade and the handle when it’s open. It’s got the safety features and dependable hand grip that you would expect from a well-known brand like Kershaw, and it rounds out any knife collection nicely.

The Kershaw Shuffle is a great inexpensive choice for someone looking for a knife!