SOG Seal Pup M37 Review

The SOG Seal Pup M37 is a tactically themed stationary blade packed with remarkable ingenuity and superb craftsmanship. The military knife design has been adapted for civilian markets, and the survival benefits are amazing.

Irregular Serration

SOG Seal Pup M27The meticulously spaced teeth are a brilliant innovation. There are four wide serrations that are deeply indented with rounded curves. These jagged circular protrusions are punctuated with three sets of two prongs. Each sharpened edge is ingeniously modeled after various cutting surfaces to maximize lacerations and severances. Slicing through ropes is definitely a specialty of the SOG Seal Pup series, and the M37 is no exception. It is also well suited for meat preparation, fire wood assembly and opening sealed containers.

Razor Tip

This knife is only partially serrated, and the latter half is brilliantly sharp and thin. The AUS-8 steel is indestructible and flawless. With most SOG certified blades, regular use only seems to sharpen the edges more. Once again, this fact holds true with the M37. A powder-coated finish facilitates minimized reflection and glare. The treatment also induces permanent anti-corrosion effects. As a result, the rugged knife keeps its illustrious sheen indefinitely.

Advanced Nylon Handle

Ultimately, the handle showcases superior gripping technology. Glass-reinforced nylon leads the industry with structural integrity and functional adaptability. Elevated diamond patterns guarantee zero slippage. The intuitively arranged handle instills comfort by naturally resisting adverse weather and sweat. The SOG seal of approval is proudly centered on this revolutionary hilt.

Impenetrable Kydex Sheath

As most knife lovers know, Kydex reigns supreme in terms of protective carrying. The futuristic alloys cannot be compromised in any way, so the blade is always secured in a sturdy location. It slips out with streamlined ease. Some buyers might consider this vessel to be optional, but rest assured that it is essential. The indestructible containment unit is equipped with multiple fastening functions. Of course, the belt clip is indispensible, but the quick snap is quite handy too. A hook and loop is also provided for convenient storage on the move.

Cryogenic Heat Procedures

All SOG knives are treated with extraordinary coldness. The steel is subjected to -300°F before slowly achieving its former warmth. Tension is eliminated at a molecular level, which eliminates standard wear and tear. This cryogenic treatment enforces the atomic structure to stave off dullness. Chipping no longer occurs either; in fact, all forms of micro-fracturing are gone!

Official Military Design

This knife is undeniably epic, and the secret behind its success is Navy SEAL technology. American military officers conducted a series of tests to determine what constitutes a perfect knife. The SOG Seal Pup M37 is a product of their extensive scientific labor. Although it has been molded for combat, it is actually intended to be a defensive ally. Nothing can catch a soldier off-guard when he is armed with one of these beauties. This privilege of near invulnerability is finally being extended to the general public!

Aesthetic Impressions

The government designed this blade with extreme utility in mind, but they created a gorgeous beast in the process. This knife appears mighty and complex. Its dynamic appearance is bolstered by serious credibility. Men will love how it looks uniquely savage and brutal. As an added bonus, true aficionados can select custom engravings. These magnificent transcriptions can be personalized as an iconic gift to a gruff gentleman. The classic combination of black and silver is rustic and urbane. All blade connoisseurs should fancy this indulgence!

Size Analysis

As always, SOG knocks it out of the park when it comes to perfect measurements. The military clearly designed this knife to anticipate all basic needs. An overall length of 9” is respectably modest. The blade itself achieves a prominent 4.75” when unsheathed. At its densest, the blade thickness reaches 0.19”. It weighs a portable 5.4 ounces, so it can be discreetly transported anywhere.

Final Rating

The SOG Seal Pup M37 innately fulfills every potential purpose. On top of this flawless functionality, it exudes austere masculinity. The engineering reveals true authoritative wit; with masterful manufacturing, such renowned grandeur is directly passed down to the knife’s owner. It is truly an honor to wield this industrial dagger!