Spyderco Delica Review

spyderco delica reviewMany say that one of the best pocket knives on the market today appears to be the Spyderco Delica, according to experts and users of pocket knives. It’s rated top of the line because of its many uses and fantastic abilities. Since pocket knives have been used for hundreds of years by farmers, cooks, hunters and seafaring men and women as a tool, it stands to reason they need and want the very best. There are many reasons to choose the Spyderco Delica pocket knife.

You will prefer a Spyderco Delica pocket knife because it is compact, which speaks for itself. This makes it easy to carry. It’s considered by many users as the sharpest tool one could own. It is also lightweight and easy to handle. Even though it is lightweight it has been used to cut thick cardboard and thick plastic. Cooks admire it because they love slicing and dicing fruits and all kinds of vegetables. Whether you are having a cook-out at home or enjoying the tail gating party at your favorite sports stadium you need a handy tool that you can depend upon.

It’s been said that even merchant mariners are seriously convinced that it’s a must have as they travel. It features a perfect sized lanyard hole for a rope or line that is convenient for ship owners and traveling merchant mariners. There are numerous reasons to have a pocket knife on a ship or boat. When you want the most useful and best you will choose the Spyderco Delica.

First of all there are over twenty (20) choices to be made. A professional may desire: The Wave, the SS pocket, the 4 pocket and the Endura 4 lightweight, the 4 Spyderedge or even the Pal knife. That’s just to name a few. Pocket knife users have specific needs for making certain choices. A perfect example would be the size. Spyderco Delica allows you the freedom of making that choice. You may like a large, medium or small knife. You get to decide which fits best in your hand. You can to determine which is best for the job you are about to do. Most Spyderco Delica owners have more than one pocket knife. As a knife user you will find you have the choice to use whatever is best for your need at a particular time. So choose from any one or more of the 20 available knives offered by Spyderco Delica.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or left handed. This special knife accommodates both. It has features that can reposition the pocket clip for your comfort zone. An extremely important feature on a knife is the handle. Because it must be the right fit for your hand, you want a handle with a solid grip, which is what Spyderco Delica offers. The handle is made of fiberglass nylon and has stainless steel liners. The handles come in a variety of colors. You may choose your favorite one, whether it is pink, blue, purple or green. You are given a rainbow of choices.

Pocket knife owners are highly impressed by how the blade performs. It’s a main reason for choosing a specific pocket knife. Spyderco Delica pocket knives are made of rust resistant blades. The great thing to know about the blade is, it is razor sharp and does not rub against the liners. It is known to open smooth and easy that is, according to current owners who have expressed their concerns about what they look for in a blade. Spyderco Delica has made it available for you to choose the plain edge or the partially serrated combo edge. The blade is known to be so well centered inside the handle that there are no open gaps between the blade and the liner.

In order for a pocket knife to remain comfortable in the pocket it must surpass the pocket test. It cannot open on its own as to cause damage to the owner. Therefore Spyderco Delica has made sure that there is the type of locking mechanism that keeps it locked in your pocket as well as when you open it. There are both liner locks and mid-locks to assure safety for the user.