Best Buck Knives

Hoyt H. Buck founded Buck Knives in 1902 and produced high-quality knives for civilian and soldier alike until his death in 1949. The Buck family continued to produce durable, reliable knives after Hoyt Buck’s death; Buck Knives is still one of the top knife manufacturers today. Their most iconic knife, the Model 110 hunting knife, was first made in 1964, and they have produced other types of knives that have pleased everyone from blue-collar workers in need of an everyday blade to survival enthusiasts who want to prepare for the apocalypse.

Model 110 Folding Hunter

best buck knivesThis lockback folding knife is a classic and continues to be a mainstay for Buck Knives. Millions of Model 110s have been sold since the first one was crafted in 1964; it features a brass frame and bolsters as well as wooden scales. The 3.75” blade is a hollow-ground clip point made of 420 HC stainless steel treated in heat for additional strength. The wooden grip is large for a folding knife at 5” long by 5/8” thick, which gives it a better range of control when in use than knives with smaller grips. This larger size can make the Model 110 somewhat awkward to carry in the pocket, however, without a sheath; the hardness of the blade makes it somewhat difficult to sharpen. These minor issues are not generally considered severe enough to dampen enthusiasm for this classic that has withstood the test of time.

Buck Chairman Series Folding Hunter

The Buck Chairman is a special version of the Model 110 that bears the Buck Knives anvil logo and the signature of current chairman Chuck Buck on the handle. Its bolsters are made of nickel silver and the handle is made of Cherry Dymondwood. This knife is strong enough to hold up under tough conditions, but is also stylish enough to be considered a fashionable collector’s item. This model comes with a black leather sheath, further highlighting this knife as a Model 110 with more finesse and class.

Buck 55 Hunter

This knife has a smaller blade than the 110; users who find the 110 to be awkward may have better control over the Buck 55. The blade is only 2.6” long and the knife itself only weighs 2.2 ounces; the nail notch and the lockback design make this knife easy to open and operate. The handle, bolsters, and blade composition are identical to the 110 except in terms of size, making this knife ideal for someone who wants a serious knife to give an older child or a teenager or who wants a smaller knife than the 110 to carry.

Buck 119BKS Special Hunting 6″

This Buck knife is another classic, this time in the fixed blade category. This 6-inch blade is a stainless steel tip with a 420HC stainless steel composition with a satin finish; the whole knife itself weighs 7.5 ounces. The fixed blade makes this knife ideal for working in tight spaces or outdoors. The knife’s handle is phenolic and the butt is made of aluminum, making this a durable knife. It comes with a convenient leather sheath for easy transport in any sort of environment.

Buck 102BKS Woodsman 4″

Those who want a knife fairly similar to the 119 BKS Special but do not want a 6” blade may like the 102 BKS Woodsman instead. This knife also features a 420HC stainless steel blade and a black phenolic handle, but the shorter blade length makes this knife more practical in terms of everyday activities. While this knife is still good for cleaning game and doing other rugged outdoor activities, it can also be used for cooking and household maintenance. The aluminum guard and butt offer further protection, as does the genuine leather sheath.

Buck 525 Gent

Sometimes a long blade is neither necessary nor practical, but a shorter, more sophisticated blade is better suited. The Buck 525 Gent is a no-frills knife with a 1-7/8″ drop point blade made of 420HC stainless steel. Billed as a gentleman’s knife, this small blade is suitable for carrying out day to day tasks by either gender. The brushed stainless steel handle is perfect for engraving, making this an excellent knife to give as a practical and sleek personal or corporate gift.

Whether a person wants a heavy-duty knife for hunting or surviving or a fairly small knife fit for completing everyday tasks, Buck Knives has a blade suited for the occasion. Hand size, physical strength, and the likely uses of the knife should all be considered before purchase; if possible, potential Buck Knives buyers should handle the blades themselves before buying them. Buck Knives is not a company that believes in stagnation; they are always releasing new products, any of which could become an instant classic.