Kershaw Cryo Review

kershaw cryoKershaw knives are generally high-quality gadgets that are also affordable. The Kershaw 1555TI Cryo is no exception to this standard. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, multi-purpose folding knife, this product won’t disappoint. Rick Hinderer designed the Cryo, which is an impressive factor to consider if you’re undecided about purchasing a cheaper knife.


The Kershaw Cryo has a very attractive design that is also inconspicuous. It’s made from a sturdy stainless steel that has been coated with a titanium-carbo-nitride matte gray finish. The hardware on the knife handle is dark as well, which makes the Cryo a very unassuming tool. If you’re timid about carrying a knife in public, this is a great option because it’s not too intimidating.

The handle on this folding knife is fairly thin, and it feels comfortable in the hand and pocket. When the knife is open, it has a length of approximately 6.5 inches. The blade is 2.75 inches, and the knife measures 3.75 inches in a closed position. It weighs slightly more than four ounces, which makes it relatively heavy when you compare it to other utility knives of that size.

Although the blade is somewhat small, it has a striking appearance. The tip is slender, and the width of the blade is just thick enough to be tough looking. It’s also a non-serrated blade, which gives the knife an impressive streamlined look. In general, the Cryo appears to be rugged and sturdy, but it also has a sleek design that doesn’t draw too much attention to the blade.


The Cryo has a robust construction compared to other knives in the same category. There is a frame lock that secures the blade well, and it’s a reasonably tight lock. The lock bar doesn’t move out too far because of a stabilizing feature, which means there is hardly any blade play when the knife is closed and stored in the pocket. It also means you can safely hold the closed knife.

Kershaw included a SpeedSafe opening feature for quick and easy use. You can flick your thumb to engage the blade, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Springs in the knife casing assist with the opening, so there is virtually no friction. The knife blade has thumb studs, but you can also use the flipper to open the knife more smoothly. Notches on the handle and blade add to the ease of use.

There is a dark steel pocket clip on the Cryo that allows you to carry the knife with the blade tip pointing down or up. It can also be placed on its side in the pocket. If you want a knife that rests reasonably low inside your pocket, this is the tool for you. The weight of the Cryo gives it some bulk, but the efficiency of the overall design scheme makes it easy to grab and deploy.


The ergonomic fabrication of the Kershaw Cryo makes this an extremely comfortable knife to use and carry. There is a decent grip on the handle and blade, so it feels safe and secure in the hand. The knife is also easy to clean because of the open design. Whether you want to use it on the job site, in the great outdoors or at home, this knife provides a lot of flexibility for most applications.

When it comes to retaining a sharp edge, the Cryo is similar to other knives in the same price range. The blade is remarkably sharp, and it’s easy to service if it loses its edge. It’s centered nicely in the handle as well. This makes opening and closing the blade effortless. The locking device on the Cryo is also strong enough to prevent the blade from coming loose when not in use.

The Kershaw Cryo offers knife users something slightly different. Unlike many other budget blades on the market, this one is sleek, unobtrusive and beautifully designed. It’s also the perfect size for an all-purpose knife. The overall construction and function of the Cryo will satisfy most people looking for a basic, easy-to-use, affordable, durable and comfortable folding knife.

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