SOG Aegis Review

sog aegis reviewThe SOG brand has become synonomous with quality and innovation and neither of those values were spared when it came to designing the Aegis. This knife has been a hit since it came to market and its praises are many. From its durable construction to its useful blade shape and light weight, the Aegis is one knife anyone and everyone should add to their collection or loadout. The Aegis has a classic shape that is simple, functional, and attractive. From the tip of the drop point blade to the end of the ergonomic handle, this folder exudes tactical. But where many folders merely look the part, the Aegis backs it’s claims with a well thought out overall design.

The proportions of the Aegis are just right for a folding knife of its size. Closed, the Aegis is a tidy 4.75″ long and at a feathery 3.10oz, it is a terrific blade that you can carry day in and day out without it weighing you down and getting in your way. Also contributing to the Aegis’s ease of carry is its pocket clip design. SOG wisely fitting this blade with a reversible fold-over pocket clip mounted at the very end of the handle. This means that the Aegis carries extremely deep and practically goes invisible securely locked onto your pocket.

Contributing to the Aegis’s lightweight is SOG’s omission of steel liners in the handle construction. Most folding knives have steel liners for structural rigidity and strength, but the glass-reinforced nylon material (Zytel) used in the Aegis’s handle is more than adequately strong for the intended purpose of this handsome blade without the additional heft. The handle features a shape that fits comfortably into the hand and features very purposeful jimping along the top and bottom of the handle scales. Adding even more in the way of traction is SOG’s “DigiGrip”, a molded in digital-looking pattern that gives the Aegis a distinct style as well as a meaningful way of staying firmly in your grip even in less than favorable conditions.

The Aegis sports a broad flat ground 3.5″ blade, making it a good option for a larger every day carry blade and a respectable tactical folder. The drop point blade is an extremely versatile and functional blade shape that is capable of tackling just about any everyday task. It will also do fine on a hiking or camping trip as it makes for excellent carving, food preparation and dressing wild game in the field. Out of the box, the Aegis has a superb factory edge that is as sharp as they come. Thanks to the choice of AUS 8A stainless steel, you not only get a blade that takes a keen edge,but can also hold that edge reasonably well.

One of the key features that makes the Aegis so popular is its SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.). S.A.T uses a system of opposing high tension coil springs to quickly fire the blade into the open position when actuated. This turns the Aegis from any number of manual actual blades into a readily deployed, lightning fast spring assisted folder. This technology makes the Aegis an ideal choice for anyone that favors an automatic knife, but may find that they are illegal in their area. S.A.T. also makes for effortless one-handed operation a snap. And when you do let the steel out, you can know that it will stay that way until you decide otherwise. The Aegis is backed by tough time-tested piston lock that automatically engages whenever the blade is fully deployed. This folder even comes with a very thoughtful safety switch if you ever have fears of your blade accidentally flying open inside your pocket.

The SOG Aegis is offered in a variety of flavors including a tanto blade shape with both plain and combo edges with both blade styles being available in satin or hardcased black tini coating and well as other handle colors and patterns. And if the standard Aegis is too large for you, you can even step down to the small but equally impressive Mini Aegis. As is always the case with SOG’s products, the Aegis is backed by a lifetime warranty and SOG’s outstanding customer service.