The Best Machete of 2019

the best machete

The Gerber Gator is one of the top selling machetes on the market.

Machetes are iconic in culture today, and symbolize manliness, ruggedness, and aggressiveness. They have been used both in cinema and in the real world for everything from clearing a path in the forest to humble agriculture. They are a favorite weapon in zombie apocalypse shows, and are oftentimes carried like a sword would be. Machetes are widely available in sporting goods stores and the internet for a range of prices. This guide will help you figure out exactly what you need and give you several product suggestions that you can purchase right from your computer through

How To Use A Machete.

If you are new at using a machete you want to make sure that your swing is clear and that nothing or no one is in the line of your swing or standing behind you. If your chopping with the machete you want to use the broad heavy spot of the machete to get momentum. Aim at the object that you want to chop and use it like an ax. You then need to use your whole arm to swing down using momentum and gravity to aide you. Bring your shoulder down so the momentum whips your arm and tool to get added push. Lead with your elbow, then use your wrist to strike at the last second, down for woody vegetation and upward for grass and leaf growth. Hack at a 45 degree angle chopping downward.

There Are Several Types Of Machetes:

Barong Style Machete

Barong style machete, which has a thick leaf shaped blade. The Barong machete is only sharpened on one side. This machete is used a lot in different forms of martial arts.

Bill Hook Machete

This machete is an agricultural tool with a curved blade meant for chopping around tree trunks or plants.

Bolo Style Machete

This type is also a farming and agricultural tool. It was also used in War World II as a defense weapon.

Bowie Machete

This machete has a clip point or skinning point for skinning wild game. The point allows the user to pierce or puncture while skinning wild game.

Latin Style Machete

This is an all purpose machete with a straight back blade. Good for green leafy vegetation and a good utility tool.

Cane Style Machete

This name is really descriptive it is an excellent tool to hack sugar cane. A lot of these have a hooked blade to pull the chopped cane while they are still standing.

Coping Machete

This is a blunt type of machete used in a lot of rescue situations. This machete is more likely to prevent harm coming to victims because of the blunt end and is great for use in tight places.

Hawk Bill Style Machete

This machete has a curved or hooked blade that can be sharpened on both sides as well as the inside of the curve. It is used to cut and pierce very hard material.

Features To Take Into Consideration When You Are Shopping For The Top Machete.

What type of handle do I want? What type of blade do I need? Here are a few things to look for that may help you make the right choice.

  • Serrated
  • D Handle
  • Riveted Handle Cross Guard Handle
  • Injected handle
  • Wood Handle
  • Kraton Handle
  • Stainless Steel Machete
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Machete
  • High Carbon Steel Machete
  • Micarta Machete

Here Are A Few Uses For A Machete.

  • Cut and maintain trails
  • Clearing Brush
  • Chopping Compost
  • Agriculture Tool
  • Carving
  • Incising Or Chopping Wood
  • Clearing Woody Vegetation
  • Foraging
  • Self Defense

Machete Blade Length

Blade length ranges from 10 inches to 27 inches. If you are getting ready to buy a machete you must decide what you will need. What are you going to use your machete for? Do your research and make an informed decision so you will be happy with what you buy.

Here are 3 Machete manufactures that you may want to check out before you buy. However there are several manufactures out there so do your homework and choose the best one for you.

Gerber Machete

The Gator 18 inch machete has a 15 in fine edge on one side and a high performance saw blade on the other side. It clears foliage with a single swipe. Great for clearing walking paths in the woods. Quality, tough, black oxide coated steel 15 inch fine razor’s edge with deep serrated edge on top. Gator grip handles, 25 inch overall and weighs 1 pound.

Condor Machete

Condor tool and knife has been making quality machete’s over the years. They have been in business for 225 years. The company’s roots are in military knives and swords however over the years they have developed a wide range of machete’s for agriculture tools. One of their most popular machete’s is the condor 14in Golok Machete. This machete comes razor sharp from the factory. The blade length is 14 inches with a total length of 19 inches. Weight of this machete is 1.3 pounds. The blade composition is 1075 high carbon steel with black powder epoxy finish. This machete has a thick blade with a pronounced taper. Blade thickness is ΒΌ inch. This machete has a walnut handle. It is warranted to be free of defects in material, manufacture or assembly for the lifetime for the original purchaser.

Tramontina Machete

The Tramontina 14 in Bolo Machete with hardwood handle is the machete of Brazil. This is a no frills and economical work machete. The Bolo style machete has a bulge that adds heft for chopping. Blade length of 14 inches. Total length of 19 inches. Blade thickness above handle 1.25 mm. Weight of this machete is 11 ounces. Blade width at handle to widest point is 4cm/7cm. The blade composition SAE 1070 High-Carbon Steel. This has a polished blade. Primary grind established at the factory but will require more sharpening for a fine edge. This machete has a natural color hardwood handle with full tang.

There are many machete styles and manufactures out there that you can choose from. I am sure you will have no problem choosing the right one for you.