Zero Tolerance 0801 Review

Zero Tolerance 0801The Zero Tolerance pocket knife designed by Todd Rexford completes me as a man! There are always so many pocket knives to choose from, and all of them just run together with no real differentiation other than price. The Todd Rexford model stands atop the mountain. Alone! This knife has thoroughly changed my life, and it has completely opened my eyes to what a knife is supposed to be! Without a doubt, the Zero Tolerance 0801 is one of the best pocket knives available today.

It’s truly amazing how smooth this knife opens and closes. The “pocket-to-use” time is extraordinary as you can reach into your pocket and have the knife flipped open and ready to cut in a matter of seconds! This is due to the astonishingly perfect built-in flipper which awaits your command to release the blade from its frame.

The knife is beautiful with its stonewashed finish. This finish allows you to tackle tough cutting chores while still allowing the knife to retain its beauty. It has been expertly machined and balanced, eliminating that awkward feeling other knives give you while trying to manipulate them. I’ve been asked on more than one occasion what kind of knife it is. People see this shining beauty and are drawn to it. You will always be ready to lend a helping hand to that unfortunate soul who needs something cut or opened. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t carry a pocket knife with them all the time, but this Zero Tolerance knife could easily change that once they get a glimpse of your shining beauty.

It has a stainless Elmax blade which allows it to cut quickly, precisely, and cleanly. Be careful! The razor sharpness of this blade is nothing to take lightly! Be sure you are prepared to cut because this knife will immediately serve its purpose when it touches the desired target! Don’t worry about needing to sharpen this knife very often. This blade will keep its sharpness far longer than similar, and even higher priced, knives.

Wooden or synthetic handles can be nice on knives, but the cold titanium handle of this knife just fits into your grip like it was made especially for you. It feels like a knife is supposed to feel in a man’s hand. It’s not bulky or too long and fits nicely inside your pocket. It’s also lightweight which is an added bonus because you will always know it’s in your pocket, but you won’t feel it weighing down your pocket making your pants fit unevenly.

Remarkably, this amazing knife is priced well below other high-end knives. I’ve spent several hundred dollars more on knives that are nowhere near the quality and functionality of this knife. In fact, I spent over four hundred dollars on a tactical knife a few years ago. Granted, it was a nice knife. Notice I said it was. The niceness of the knife wore away quickly as it began to ‘pop’ when I would open and close the knife. The blade started showing signs of wear on the sides from something inside scraping each time it was flipped. I didn’t even use the knife that often and when I did, it was for very light cutting but with each use the blade became less useful and in need of sharpening. I don’t know about you, but I expect and demand so much more quality from a knife of that caliber. Well, for less than half the price I have that quality now.

I’m no longer a young man, and it saddens me to think back on the many years of my life thinking about all of the various knives I’ve bought, used, and had to throw to the side. So many knives and so many dollars completely wasted. Just like so many other mistakes in life, I have to chalk this up as a lesson learned and be content knowing that I absolutely will not make another mistake when purchasing a quality knife. Fixing a child’s toy, making small household repairs, fishing, hunting, personal protection…I could go on and on naming occasions when the Zero Tolerance 0801 did not let me down.

We live in a world that constantly tells us to be tolerant. I don’t have a problem with that. But when it comes to my pocket knife, I’m instituting a Zero Tolerance policy!