Zero Tolerance 0566 Review

Having a high quality tool you carry around every day and have it handing when needed is essential. Small knives fit into that category and there is a wide range of options to choose from. The Zero Tolerance 0566 is one of them. It is the latest collaboration between Zero Tolerance Knives and Rick Hinderer. It is promoted as an alternative to the 0560 and 0561 which are a little larger and less compact than the ZT 0566. As an EDC enthusiast you will enjoy the versatility, feel and cost of the Zero Tolerance 0566. It comes with a quality blade, a sturdy handle and an overall pleasant and practical design. So, in your search for the perfect EDC, you may not find a perfect pocket knife, but you can get close with the

Zero Tolerance 0566.

An Efficient Blade

zero tolerance 0566The ZT 0566 blade is 3.25” long and is made with ELMAX powdered steel that specifically resist corrosion. The blade has a stonewash finish with a lasting edge retention that is designed to be easily sharpened when necessary. It is easy to clean and maintain and can be used for a variety of tasks including slicing, dicing, and cutting. In addition, the blade’s ELMAX steel plays a very important role in its ability to last long. Indeed, it provides the protection needed to withstand and resist the test of time under regular and sustained use. This is a feature that is necessary for an EDC you intent to use frequently.

A Functional Handle

The shape of the handle of the Zero Tolerance 0566 is very similar to the one of the 0560. It comes with a textured G-10 on the front that offers a secure grip for any hand size. The back is made entirely of stainless steel with a secure frame lock and a lock-bar stabilizer that reduces considerably the possibility of an accident. It is well designed and comfortable to maneuver as it includes a pocket clip that gives you 4 carrying options. Indeed, you can carry your ZT 0566 with the tip up or the tip down or with the left or right hand. The pocket clip also makes it easy to carry the knife and let it seats deep into any pocket with very little exposure.

Additionally, the handle’s ergonomics show a rather thick and comfortable grip. The superior jimping efficiently and smoothly transition from the blade to the handle, reducing the likelihood of a finger getting injured. This is an important feature because it prevents the thumb from becoming painful after a prolonged use of the ZT 0566. The rounded corners of the 4.45” long handle allows the hand to hold and fit in perfectly while using the knife.

An Engaging Design

The Zero Tolerance 0566 is equipped with a Speedsafe assisted opening mechanism. The knife’s assisted deployment is slick with just the right speed. However, if you prefer a non-assisted knife it is really simple to revert your ZT 0566 into a manual opening knife. All you have to do is take out the Speedsafe torsion bar that is located under the G-10 scale and your knife opening will become manual. The knife’s smoothness comes from its use of two phosphor washers that help make the blade deployment efficient.

In addition, the flipper action of the ZT 0566 is impressive. You can pull back on the flipper and light-switch or you can use the preload option that will deploy the blade nicely and effortlessly. The lockup part of the design is sturdy and extremely solid and can be easily disengaged. It does not have any room to wiggle and be unsteady making the knife comfortable and safe to use.

Although, the Zero Tolerance 0566 is a little on the heavy side with its 5.3 ounces and overall 7.7” length, it carries out a wide variety of tasks and doubles as an excellent EDC. At about $150, this knife is affordable with a grade quality steel.

Its assisted Speedsafe deployment is particularly convenient and makes it easy to carry around and use in a moment notice. It has a very comfortable feel and cuts well thanks to its razor sharp blade.

In sum, whether you are an enthusiast or you are simply in search of a great EDC, the Zero Tolerance 0566 will meet you expectations with its high functioning blade, an efficient handle and an engaging design.