The Best Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance Knives have become recognized as some of the best knives in the business for their quality, style, durability and reliability. Zero Tolerance’s name is derived from their mission to create knives with zero tolerances and of the very highest caliber.

While Zero Tolerance Knives are designed for use in a variety of situations, they have become best known for their tactical and combat knives. This is due to their unflinching reliability in cutting through the strongest of materials. Zero Tolerance achieves this by building their knives with best materials and blade steels. Furthermore, Zero Tolerance is focused on the design of their knives and works with such knife makers as Ken Onion, Strider Knives and Rick Hinderer.

the best zero tolerance knivesOne of the most popular knives produced by Zero Tolerance is the ZT 0300, a rock solid tactical folding knife. This 8 ounce knife measures 8 5/8”, while the blade measures 3 3/4”. The blade consists of stainless S30-V steel with tungsten DLC coating. The knife is razor sharp and features a 3-D machined G-10 handle in matte black. It also includes SpeedSafe and an ambidextrous opening system. One of the more popular features of the ZT 0300 is its quad mounting clip system. This knife is perfect for tactical and combat.

Another popular tactical folding knife manufactured by Zero Tolerance is the ZT 0350. This knife is ideal for everyday use in a variety of situations. It weighs 5.9 ounces and measures 7 3/4″, while the blade itself measures 3 1/2”. The knife features a stainless S-30V blade with tungsten DLC coating. Because it has a textured G-10 handle in matte black, the knife is perfect for stealth activity as there is no glare.

Zero Tolerance’s most popular knife is the ZT 0550 tactical folding knife that was designed by Rick Hinderer. Weighing 5.8 ounces, the 0550 features a razor sharp stainless S35VN blade with a stonewash finish, and a machined G-10 handle in matte black. The knife measures 8.125” and the blade is 3.5” long and 0.156” thick. Not only is the knife effective, but it is also very easy to handle as it has a filed thumb rest on the blade spine for a secure grip and an integral index finger guard for secure handling. This is by far one of their most durable, sharp and functional knives.

The ZT 0801 tactical folding knife is another popular knife produced by Zero Tolerance. This Todd Rexford-designed knife features a razor sharp stainless Elmax blade with a stonewash finish and a machined titanium handle. It weighs 5.8 ounces and measures 8.2”. The blade measures 3.5”. This knife is popular among those who prefer an all-metal build.

Finally, the ZT 0566 is another Rick Hinderer-designed knife produced by Zero Tolerance. This popular knife weighs 5.3 ounces and is an outstanding example of a quality compact knife that is ideal for everyday carry and use. It measures 7.7” and the blade is 3.2” long and 0.156” thick.