Zero Tolerance Combat Folding 0300 Review

The Zero Tolerance 0300 is a folder knife is made by the works of the Strider Knife Corporation and Ken Onion. Strider makes some of the toughest and best folders in the world, and Ken Orion makes exquisite designs for Kershaw (now CRKT). Putting these two together resulted in a knife that has not only an attractive look, but also the features and build to make it an excellent knife.

General Info

zero tolerance 0300Appearance – the number “300” designates the coloration of the knife. All three knives in the 0300 Zero Tolerance line (0300, 0301 and 0302) are identical except for the color designs. The 300 model has plain black coloring for both handle and blade, while the 301 and 302 have tiger stripes on the blades.

Size and heft – the total length is 9″ and the blade is 3-3/4″. The weight is 8.6 ounces, which makes it a somewhat heavy knife, but not too heavy to carry in your pocket.


  • modified drop point
  • Ken Orion’s signature style
  • high flat grind
  • partial swedge near top
  • big belly (makes it great for utility uses)
  • 4mm steel thickness
  • subtle recurve for enhanced slicing power
  • S30V steel (one of the finest knife steels available)
  • treated with Tungsten DLC (high quality blade coating that holds up better than other less expensive painted coatings)


  • one side has textured G10 over a stainless steel liner
  • the other side (lock side) is made of a single piece of titanium
  • between the two sides is a G10 spacer
  • everything lines up flush
  • attractive finishing


  • the handle is wide like the blade
  • has a comfortable feel in the hand
  • the flipper doubles as a choil
  • generous amount of jimping on the pommel and thumb ramp
  • both sides of the handle have a very nice textured pattern (provides superior grip and response)
  • large knives don’t normally have good ergonomics, but this one is above the rest!

Pocket Clip

  • a simple clip that works well
  • proven clip design
  • a stiff clip (works well with the flat and wide profile of the knife)
  • holds knife in place anywhere in a pocket (heavy knives normally sink into the corner of pockets, but the stiffness of this knife’s clip avoids that issue)
  • is mountable on all four corners (gives you the freedom to carry the knife the way you want to)
  • very secure and discreet to carry


  • it’s an assisted opening knife with Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening technology
  • option to either deploy the knife with the thumbstuds or the flipper
  • the SpeedSafe quickly engages and moves blade out quickly
  • SpeedSafe is a proven assisted opening mechanism
  • you can disable that feature if you prefer 100% manual operation
  • deployment is fast yet smooth


  • very sturdy titanium frame lock
  • engages nice and early
  • easy to disengage when you want to fold the knife up
  • a Hinderer lock bar stabilizer is included on the side of the lock (prevents you from overextending the titanium frame lock)


The Zero Tolerance 0300 is an incredible knife. The quality of the material and build are superb. The design and features are also attractive and complete the knife. The knife retails for around $230. This is a steal, especially when you compare it to knives that are similar in design and quality that sell for around $400-$500! It is near impossible to find a knife of this quality for even close to the price it retails at. If you want a sturdy, attractive, hard use folder with excellent features and premium materials made in the USA, then this knife is the definitely the one to get!