Benchmade 915 Triage Review

benchmade 915 triage reviewAnyone looking for a superior utility tool in the marketplace today will find the quality, versatility, and reliability of the Benchmade 915 Triage right at the top of the list.

The Benchmade 915 Triage is a triple utility tool, which includes a knife, a safety hook, and a glass breaker. It is a featured tool used by police, fire, and safety personnel, who highly value its dependability and reliability in crisis situations. The blade and safety hook have been successfully used in cutting seatbelts and clothing open for trapped accident victims, the glass breaker has been a lifesaver in car rollover accidents, among other life-saving tasks. And, of course, the Triage has many practical applications for “the rest of us” as well.

The 915 Triage features a 3.50 inch blade, made of N680 highly corrosive-resistant stainless steel, in the style of the Modified Sheepsfoot. The blade hardness is rated at 57-59HRC, with a thickness of 0.130 inch. The blade comes in either serrated or plain-edge, and can come with or without coating. The blade lock mechanism AXIS has garnered nothing but high praise for its dependability.

The safety hook is 2.0 inches long, with a 0.50 inch opening, made with 440C stainless steel, with a hardness of 58-60HRC. It cuts through seatbelts, cords, and other materials with great ease. In outdoors applications, it has zipped right through troublesome rappelling lines, and has cut up to 8 parachute lines at one time with no difficulty.

The handle is a textured G10, which comes in both black and safety orange, and has a thickness of 0.450 inch. Inside the handle contains full stainless steel liners. A built-in thumb ramp adds to versatility in handling. The thumb-stud opener is ambidextrous, so no switching around of hands handling the tool is ever necessary.

The pocket clip is a reversible, tip-up, deep-carry loop overstyle clip, made of black oxide stainless steel.

The glass breaker is carbide, and can be replaced if needed.

A sheath for the Triage is optional, and comes in either black or tan.

The overall length of the Triage is 8.20 inches, with the closed length 4.70 inches.

The blade and safety hook are very easy to sharpen, but if the customer prefers a professional sharpening job, they can have experienced Benchmade representatives take care of that for them. Through the Lifesharp program, customers can send the Triage back to the factory at any time. Technicians there will restore the blade and safety hook to razor sharpness. They will also take the unit apart and inspect it. If there are any worn or damaged parts, they will replace them. The turnaround time with Lifesharp is 2-4 business days, so things can be restored quickly, and in an expert manner.

Ever since the Benchmade 915 Triage made its debut in 2011, experts and analysts from a wide variety of different sources have lauded the tool as a superior product in all forms of media. YouTube has several videos highlighting its craftsmanship, ease of use, practical applications, and overwhelming endorsements. Print media has also done exhaustive research on the 915 Triage, and the reviews are terrific.