Boot Knife Review: Schrade Extreme Survival SCHF21

Schrade SCHF21 Boot KnifeYou never know when the need for a durable and reliable knife may occur. Enthusiasts of the outdoors and survivalists alike know all too well the importance of having the essential survival tools on your person. The Schrade Extreme Survival Boot Knife’s quality and construction is the ultimate choice for extreme survival situations.


The Schrade fixed blade boot knife is a smartly designed knife that serves many purposes and situations. This master crafted, high carbon stainless steel knife has a forged blade to add to the blade strength. This knife is forged from a single piece of metal, making it nearly indestructible.


The blade on this knife is four and a half inches long with extremely sharp cutting edges on both sides for dual cutting capabilities. The spear point design allows for easy entry penetration of the target with the blade. This smart knife fits snugly and securely in it’s custom sheath, which can be attached to the wearer in a number of different ways.

The sheath of this knife is equipped with a catching mechanism and release tab. This keeps the knife securely in the sheath until it is needed. This adaptation assures the wearer that the Schrade Extreme Survival Knife will not become accidentally dislodged and become a hazard or unknowingly dropped and lost. The sheath is equipped with options from which the wearer can choose depending on the situation and necessity of access.


The sheath is equipped with slots on each side of the sheath to allow wearers to attach this survival tool to a belt or strap. There is an alternative sturdy metal clip that can be attached to the waistline of pants, the upper lip of a boot, pocket, or backpack. With all of these available options, you will never be without the Schrade Extreme Survival Boot Knife anywhere on your person.


The impressive blade on this knife is only a preliminary to the beauty and function of the handle of this incredible cutting tool. The handle of this unit is crafted with a diamond etched pattern for enhanced gripping in extreme conditions. The end of the handle comes equipped with a glass breaking tip for situations where a quick escape is needed. The handle is not only attractive and functional, but it offers hidden storage as well.

Hidden Storage

Unscrewing the tip of this knife handle allows the user to store essential items for survival. The durable gasket located within the cap offers ultimate waterproofing capabilities to the compartment. This storage area is large enough to store such items as a map, whistle, ferro rod, string, matches, or any other essential item.


This ultimate example of the best in survival tools has the capabilities of slicing easily through the intended target with precision and unmatched strength. It has the capabilities of being worn as an outer component or concealed safely on the side of a boot. Regardless of where it is worn, this knife promises to deliver quality, function, and durability when it comes to the selection of survival knives on the market today.

When it comes to the safety and survival of yourself or your family, there is no substitute for quality and durability. The multiple functions that this sheath and knife offer are invaluable when it comes to extreme survival conditions. This knife is constructed from premium materials that will last for a very long time. The cost of this knife is a small price to pay when it comes to the piece of mind that you get from owning the ultimate in survival tools.


This knife is constructed from the highest quality SEA-1070 high carbon stainless steel. The dual cutting edge allows for cutting of materials from any direction and any angle. The stylish and functional handle offers a hidden compartment and a glass shattering tip. The sturdy sheath has automatic lock-in capabilities as well as quick release capabilities.

For adventurers who find themselves in extreme survival situations, the Schrade Extreme Survival Boot Knife may be the most important tool to have with you. Offering a multitude of strength and durability features, this survival knife could be the key to survival in the most extreme of conditions. Truly a survival tool that is well worth the investment.