SOG Trident Review

sog trident reviewThe SOG Trident is a fast-opening, folding knife that can be used in a number of environments. It has a unique blade with a lot of technology that goes into the opening of the blade as well as in how the blade was forged. The straight edge blade makes it easy to slice into various items. It can be used for fishing, hunting, and as a general survival knife.

SOG as a company is very reputable. They have been in the industry for more than 25 years and their story stems in Vietnam where there were people in a special ops unit. They carried a combat knife into the covert missions of the jungle. That same knife inspired Spencer Frazer, who decided to pay homage to the Special Ops group by naming the company SOG.

What the SOG Trident Knife is All About

The SOG trident knife appears to be your ordinary folding pocket knife. There is a bayonet style clip along the side that can be switched based on right and left hand users. It can also be removed altogether for pouch storage.

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It is a straight knife that measures 3.75” when fully extended. When closed, it’s a simple 4.75” and only weighs 3.6 ounces. There is a clip point blade shape and the steel blade is AUS-8. Cutting paracord and other items can be done without opening the blade, saving time. The knife is also opened easily with S.A.T, otherwise referred to as SOG assisted technology. This can ensure the knife is fully extended when needed.

Why It’s Better Than Others on the Market

Ultimately, you have to look at the SOG Trident in comparison to the others on the market. It’s a small knife with a small weight attached to it. It’s got heavy-duty cutting power, which is just what you need out of a pocket knife. It’s made from durable steel so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

It’s easier to find than some of the other knives. You can find it on Amazon and many other online retailers, the exchange of virtually every military branch, and local retailers. Many other manufacturers want to provide you with a sales person to go through and sell you every other product that they offer at the same time.

The blade is also easier to open. Other blades require you to practically pry the blade open, which can take time and lead to an injury. The technology by SOG simplifies the act so there is nothing to worry about.

Why It’s Worth the Money

The knife folds easily and there is a patented groove in the handle. This makes it easy to cut fishing line, paracord, and other things without ever opening the blade. There’s a strong lock and an easy release to get the knife open.

The RC hardness is 57-58, too. This means that it’s one of the harder blades on the market, so you don’t have to worry about it warping when you have to cut something really thick.

Things that Could Have Been Different

There’s not much that could have been different with this knife. It’s very easy to get open because of the SOG assisted technology. Some knives offer a warranty for the life of the knife. This warranty is based on the life of the initial purchaser. Essentially, it means it’s not a legacy knife. If you wanted a knife to hand down through the generations, someone may come out disappointed at one point or another.


The SOG Trident is virtually as tough as they come. Regardless of what you might be up against, the knife is going to be with you through the thick and thin of it. It’s a relatively affordable knife, especially when you consider that it has a limited lifetime warranty. If something happens to it, you contact the company and it is fixed or a new one is sent out to you.

Everyone needs a knife like this. The satin finish gives the knife a refined look and it’s easy to open the knife into full position. It fits in your pocket and when fully extended, you have a 3.75” blade in your hands. It’s worth the money and provides you with the cutting power and protection you need based upon where life takes you.

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