Tac Force TF-707 Review

The Tac Force TF-707 is a well-made, assisted opening, lock blade knife. This knife was manufactured to be an outdoor knife, but is perfect for showcasing as well. As a safety precaution, the single-edge TF-707 only opens from one direction, but can be opened by using one of two methods.

The Design Method, which refers to the assisted opening blade, opens the knife when one places his or her index finger on the back spur of the knife. Applying slight pressure will cause the blade to snap open and lock into place for use.

The Alternate Method of opening the knife requires the hex screw be loosened with an Allen wrench. After this has been accomplished, the knife should be held firmly while quickly snapping the wrist forward. This will cause the blade to flip open and lock. Due to the unlikely event the knife slip out of the hands of the person opening it by using this method, it is recommended that the knife be opened away from anyone standing nearby. When the blade is open, the serrated lock springs out and holds the blade safely and securely in place.Tac Force TF 707

One of the most notable characteristics of this knife is its handsome appearance. When closed with its unique liner locking function, the TF-707 measures 4.5”. It comes with a sharp, 3.5” stainless steel, half-serrated blade and is graceful and well designed. The knife handle is black, but comes in a wide variety of rich, saturated trim colors that appear as dragons against an ornately carved design on the aluminum handle. The option is also available for exposed metal, rather than the gem-colored accents.

The TF-707 comes packaged securely in attractive packaging suitable for gift giving. This knife would make a great addition to any knife collection. Purchase includes a glass breaker and pocket clip.

The glass breaker feature on this knife is a safety feature that can assist anyone that migh the trapped in a vehicle. By tapping on a windshield with the handle end of the TF-707, the glass will quickly shatter, enabling one to escape. This feature can be particularly useful when a vehicle is submerged in water.

An important design element on the TF-707, is the knife’s weight and balance. This solid knife’s designers used advanced design techniques to give it a substantial feel without making too heavy. It is well balanced for precision and ease-of-use, making it the perfect knife for target practice and knife throwing competitions. Whether one is a knife collector or wants a good, solid knife for self-protection, the TF-707 fits the bill. This sturdy, comfortably contoured knife has the potential for unlimited uses.

While ornate, the TF-707 is still versatile enough to be used as a hunting knife for small game. The blade is sharp enough to skin and animal and strong enough to split through bone. Because the knife is carried by means of a clip, rather than in a sheath, it can be quickly extracted when needed. The folding blade causes the knife to be more streamline and less bulky than other knives used for hunting, and this particular blade makes it safe to carry without fear of accidental injury. The serrations on the blade enable it to be used for heavier jobs.

While traditional hunting knife handles are constructed of bone, leather or wood, the modern engineering of the Tac Force TF-707 makes it a more practical, durable choice. The ornamentation on the handle provides a firmer grip to prevent slipping during usage.

The stainless steel blade of the TF-707 is rust resistant. It arrives sharp and stays sharp with minimal maintenance. A characteristic of good knifes is that all mechanical parts move smoothly. The pivot point of the TF-707’s blade and locking mechanisms are top quality, and line up perfectly. The blade moves very smoothly during the opening process, and does not have to be forced. This is an important safety feature that helps prevent accidents.

Overall, the TF-707 is an amazingly affordable, versatile tool that has the advantage of being striking in appearance, as well. It is at the top of its rank and can easily be mistaken for a much more expensive knife model.