SOG Twitch XL Review

sog twitch xlI was recently on the hunt for a high quality knife I could carry that would perform flawlessly in a variety of situations. I knew I definitely wanted an SOG knife, so it was pretty easy to decide where I should start the process in deciding what knife would be the one that I would purchase. I have had many friends and colleagues over the years tell me that the only brand they trust is SOG, and since I am planning my first lengthy solo outdoor expedition, I knew it would be critical that I obtain one of these superior blades for myself.

When I first started looking online, I was not quite sure where to begin. It seems there are at least a thousand and one different styles of knives, and since this is my first blade purchase I was a little confused on what exactly it was that I should be searching for. I decided to just do a little research on different types, and after deciding that a multipurpose specialty blade was right for me, I was on my way to discovering my Holy Grail knife, the SOG Twitch XL!

First Impressions

When I received it in the mail, I let myself really enjoy the packaging of the blade. SOG made sure that I got my package intact, with absolutely no damage to the inner box that contained the Twitch XL. I really appreciated that! Upon opening the box, I was immediately struck with the subtle beauty of the Twitch XL. The lightly polished metal looks fantastic without being too flashy. It has a nice weight to it, and the blade feels well balanced by the handle, which itself features a pretty great looking SOG logo on it.

The smooth fluidity of using the “kick” to open the blade is pleasant and trustworthy. I absolutely know that I can use the blade safely, given a few neat features that are special to this blade. I am always confident that the knife will perform superbly whatever task I may decide to use it for next.

Special Features of the SOG Twitch XL

One of the most useful features of the SOG Twitch XL that I have discovered is the fact that one can open it completely one-handed! There are a lot of situations that would prove to be quite useful, such as needing to cut some excess rope while holding up some of it that is tightly gathered. When I am boating I am often in this exact situation. Knowing that my SOG Twitch XL will be there for me while making the situation easier than ever to overcome is a fantastic feeling.

I also appreciate the attention to safety that SOG has for this blade. The Twitch XL possesses an integrated blade locking safety. This makes sure that the knife will always stay closed when it is in my pocket or in a toolbox, preventing dangerous accidents and unnecessary dulling of the blade. What is even more impressive about the integrated blade locking safety is that is can be activated when the blade is open. This means that a double lock is on the blade, holding it in place so that it doesn’t close unexpectedly during use, which is why I have so much confidence using this knife during even the toughest cutting jobs.

The Twitch XL has a special curved design, which allows the blade to fit comfortably in my hand. I am able to get the precision I need with the least amount of stress on my hand, which of course allows me to make cuts as safely and as quickly as possible. I am a fan of having an ergonomically designed knife–I can’t ever see myself getting another one that doesn’t also carry this same feature.

Final Thoughts

There are very few products that I would say without a moment’s hesitation that I would purchase again. The SOG Twitch XL knife, however, is absolutely one of those products. I am finding uses almost daily for this innovative and well-priced blade, and I am looking forward to many more years of solid performance from it. I am now just like my friends–enthusiastically recommending SOG blades!