Review: Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

review fallkniven a1The market for fixed blade survival knives often seems to be saturated with low quality blades that, in a real survival situation, would do little or no good. However, there are still some very high quality survival knives out there. The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is one of the best knives on the market for those who want real quality. Made by the well known Swedish company Fallkniven, the A1 has been a standard in European survival and military knives for many years, and has been proven reliable and durable in almost any situation.


The Fallkniven A1 is a single piece fixed blade knife made from high quality Japanese steel. The grip is made with an extremely durable Kraton polymer, and is countered and textured for optimal grip and hold. With a blade length of 6.375 inches, it offers a large cutting surface, as well as a very sharp spear style point which can be used for piercing nearly anything. The overall length of the knife is roughly 11 inches, which makes it ideal for any sort of survival or military purpose. The size of the knife, however, does make it somewhat cumbersome to carry in public as a regular use knife.


The Durability of the Fallkniven A1 is nothing short of amazing. The blade, once sharpened, holds an edge remarkably well, and is also extremely rust resistant, even in the most humid and wet climates. This durability is part of the reason why the A1 has found its way into the standard issues of many European military units, including the Swedish Air Force itself. Overall, the durability is comparable to any U.S. military survival knife. The blade has been shown to be able to withstand extreme conditions, high impact, and even uses that would destroy the edge of cheaper knives.


The Fallkniven A1 is commercially available in one of two color options. The first is a black coated blade, with the other being the satin metal blade. There is no functional difference between the two, but for the true survivalist, it may be worth noting that the black coated blade will not reflect sunlight in the same way as the satin. All Fallkniven A1 survival knives come with a high quality Zytel sheath to keep them protected when not in use.


The Fallkniven A1 is not a cheap knife, either in quality or in price. While prices will vary somewhat depending upon the retailer you buy from, expect the price of the knife to be around $215. This may seem like an awfully high price for a simple fixed blade knife, but keep the high quality in mind. Given the sheer durability of this blade, the price is actually in just about the right range.

Fallkniven’s Military Pedigree

While the A1 is mostly marketed to civilian customers, it is important to keep in mind that Fallkniven brings years of experience creating knives for military units the world over to the table in all of their blade designs. Fallkniven blades have been used in European military applications, and were recently adopted by the United States Marine Corps and Navy as official survival knives. In addition, Fallkniven blades, including the A1 have been reviewed by soldiers and former soldiers the world over, to almost universally positive acclaim.


While practically no one would question the quality of the A1, there are a couple of minor drawbacks to it. Firstly, the blade itself is too large to effectively carry day to day, though this will matter little to hard core survival enthusiasts. Another minor complaint is that the Kraton handle, which is somewhat rubbery for enhanced grip, can become gummy with age. A great deal of this is caused by the buildup of dirt and sweat, so regular cleaning can somewhat alleviate this.


The Fallkniven A1 is a very high quality and durable survival knife. In any tactical or survival situation, this knife can be depended on how hold an edge and remain in top condition. The price is somewhat high, but you’re paying for the best in terms of quality, so that is to be expected.