Pocket Knives Made in the USA

What makes USA pocket knives the best pocket knives around? Success begins with quality craftsmanship and superior materials. Whether design, purpose or collection is the priority the answer can be found below.

Over the decades Americana feed stores, hardware stores and sporting goods stores have become accustomed to watching charming, wide-eyed kids longing to purchase their first pocket knife. Traditional pocket knives have long served as a functional, historical staple. Pocket knives have truly become legends in their own time.

Top USA Made Pocket Knife Brands

American Made Pocket KnivesIf you sit down with any pocket knife aficionado and ask them which American made pocket knives ring truest, there is no hesitation. Case, Schrade and Buck brand names top the charts as some of the finest and most memorable knives to boot.

Pocket knife selection is always a matter of personal preference. Case brand knives and their shiny, polished blades with jigged handles versus Buck pocket knives with duller, non-polished blades and plastic handles easily fare with attraction and appeal.

Schrade brand is distinctive with non-polished, dull blades and dark brown handles designed to look like a slab of bone.

Case and Buck brand knives are easily recognizable with stainless steel blades. This was generally considered to be the better choice compared to Schrade’s high carbon steel options. In today’s pocket knife society, experience lends us to understand that non-stainless is generally a stronger choice.

Case’s large Stockman pocket folding knife with clip, spey and sheepfoot blades is a masculine sight to be seen. This knife is not for the faint of heart as it offers itself to tackle some tough jobs. It is often designed with a deep brown jigged bone color handle for a true traditional look.

Traditional slip joint pocket knives have long been deemed as one of USA’s most traditional and common pocket knife designs. Its basic structure dons one handle with one or two folding blades. These features accompanied by a sturdy backspring wear the pants in the pocket knife designing family.

Barlow Pocket Knife

The Barlow dons certain celebrity appeal. This medium-sized Americana beauty was perfect for one very famous gentleman and author, Mr. Mark Twain. His preference of a smaller knife with two blades and a long bolster gained distinct popularity. Imagine its long, slender handle crafted elaborately out of carved ivory and other fine materials. Truly a gentleman’s knife in the making.

Peanut Knife

Folks in the good old US of A are a proud group. Desiring products which served as a connection to agricultural purposes helped create several winning pocket knife designs.

The tiny, 3 inch or less Peanut Knife was born as a result of its similarities to the shape of an elongated peanut or legume. Small, thin and oval, this clip-point blade became the handiest of general purpose knives since sliced bread. The two blades opening on the same side offered basic yet functional convenience.

Cool Folding Knife

As pocket knives have evolved over the years changes have been inspired by past, present and future ingenuity. For example, in 1991 Gerber brand introduced its Gator folding knife line. Generally measuring in at 5″, its long-lasting handle shows off unique glass-filled nylon with rubberized alligator skin. The texture allows for better gripping and comfort. With serrated or fine edge blade options and eloquent style perfect for hunting, it is no wonder Gerber was voted as the “Most Innovative Knife of the Year”.

Three Blade Ideal

Jumping into the 21st century while holding tightly to historical pocket knife values would naturally incorporate Schrade’s Old timer 3-blader. This gem offers a heightened sense of the past with its nostalgic design. Timeless appeal sparks a twinkle in eyes of every age. This knife’s clip, spey and sheepsfoot stainless steel blades stay sharp and strong for versatile utility. Just goes to show you can go home after all.

Spot-On Recommendations

Other select pocket knife options worth noting and recommending include the Kershaw Blur and the Spyderco Tenacious pocket knives. Kershaw’s partially serrated blade made of 13C26 stainless steel, SpeedSafe assistance means corrosion resistance and easy one-handed opening. The non-slip grip tacks on extra comfort and safety.

The Spyderco Tenacious is a perfect choice for those wishing to step outside the box of typical style. Its uniquely unconventional design shows off its individual hallmark – a hole in the top of the blade and easy opening. With Kershaw’s original-owner lifetime warranty to Spyderco’s radical designs every pocket knife purchase is a winning purchase.

USA pocket knives are the backbone of this country’s survival of the fittest mentality. Choosing the best USA made pocket knives is a difficult decision to make. But one thing is for sure. There is no better place to purchase a pocket knife than the good ol’ US of A.