Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife Review

Ka Bar USMC Fighting KnifeMy Ka-Bar Full Size USMC Fighting Knife has been my favorite blade for years; I finally had to replace my old one, and the new one is just as great as the last! It has several features I absolutely love, and is an all-around useful tool to have anytime I need a knife.

  • Weighing in at just under 3/4 pound, the Ka Bar Full Size Fighter has an excellent heft, feeling sturdy but not unnecessarily heavy or bulky.
  • The 7-inch blade is straight-edged, and made with good old 1095 Cro-Van steel–it requires a little extra care, true, but holds an edge and sharpens better than stainless steel. With the leather stack styled handle (which makes for a comfortable, non-slip hold), the knife measures just under twelve inches in total length.
  • It also comes with a natural leather sheath made in Mexico. Since the sheath is leather and not synthetic, it is easy to repair yourself should the need arise. Just remember to properly oil the sheath to ensure optimal performance and lengthen the life of your blade.
  • This knife is made in the USA, and features a USMC stamp on the blade.
  • Ka Bar is one of the most respected names in hunting and fighting knives. Their steel tempering, treating, and grinding techniques turn out blades that are tough, light, and maintain their edge exceptionally well. The knife is also constructed of one piece of steel that runs all the way through the handle (called a “full tang” build), rather than attaching a handle of separate steel or plastic. This lends strength and unmatched durability to the blade.
  • The knife features a limited warranty by Ka Bar that covers any defects or damage to the knife incurred within the expected lifetime of the blade, under normal use (doesn’t cover things like attempting to use the knife as a screwdriver, can opener, etc). It arrives perfectly weighted and balanced.
  • The curve of this blade is excellent for such applications as slicing, skinning, and dressing; while the straight edge is perfect for chopping, slashing, or any other needs you have. The knife arrives to you unsharpened, so you are able to put your own angles on the edge when you sharpen it for the first time rather than rely on factory edges. This makes it ideal for hardcore hunters and military personnel.
  • The original shape and straight edge have been relied upon by the US Army, US Marines, and hunters, campers, and outdoorsmen for over sixty years–this knife follows the original design, which was first developed for Marines in World War II (1942).
  • I have put this knife through the wringer to see what it’s capable of: it’s managed cutting down small trees, thick branches, digging holes, slicing through rope, creating a natural shelter, and various hunting applications. It performs beautifully, whatever I ask of it! My conclusion is that the Ka Bar Original Full Size Fighting Knife actually takes not only regular use, but seems to handle tasks well beyond its normal design.
  • The lifetime of these blades is certainly respectable; my last Ka Bar Fighting knife lasted ten years! I expect this one will, as well.
  • Last, and probably not least, let’s be honest: this is a beautiful knife. The powdered blade is matte black, the leather grip an attractive suede brown, and the leather sheath is well-made and even more showy when properly oiled. The USMC stamp is just the finishing touch that makes this Ka Bar perfect–a reminder of who trusts this knife, what it was originally designed for, and the quality you hold when you use it.

Overall, this knife is an excellent piece of workmanship; a hefty, versatile tool possessed of a utilitarian beauty that often is missing in many “modern” tools. Sometimes, the original is best–and that is definitely the case with my Ka-Bar Full Size Fighting Knife! I love it, and highly recommend it for everything from hunting to fishing to camping to backpacking to combat. Whatever you need, this knife will give it to you, and then some! There is a reason it’s considered legendary: it lives up to its reputation every time I take it out of the sheath.