Case Cutlery Trapper Pocket Knife Review

case cutlery trapper reviewThe Case Cutlery Trapper pocket knife has a long history of quality. Since the founding of the line, the Trapper has been a strong presence in Case’s production. The Trapper is a larger size knife compared to other Case Cutlery pocket knives.

Case Cutlery have maintained a tradition of using chrome vanadium blades for some of their knives. The primary benefits of using chrome vanadium are the ease of resharpening the blade and the fact that a chrome vanadium blade holds an edge longer than almost any other metal. This is just one of the many advantages of Case Cutlery’s Trapper line of pocket knives.

Some Case Cutlery pocket knives use stainless steel instead of chrome vanadium. Stainless steel also has unique advantages. A stainless steel blade is a long lasting blade, because it can resist chips and scratches longer than any other metal. That means a stainless steel blade can potentially last for generations. The Case Cutlery knives live up that promise- it doesn’t take much care to ensure that a stainless steel Trapper pocket knife will be a longtime companion.

The Case Cutlery Trapper line includes many different pocket knives. They vary in color, construction, and styling, so it is easy to find the perfect pocket knife for your needs. For example, the Stockman Medium knife weighs 2.4 ounces and is 4.4 inches long, while the small is an inch shorter and weighs only 1.6 ounces. Take stock of which knife would be most appropriate for daily use. For example, someone who wants a heavy knife to use in the outdoors, and who wears tough jeans, can use a larger knife. Case Cutlery’s selection of quality knives ensures that there is a broad selection of good knives for every customer.

Of course, utility is not everything when it comes to knives. Another reason to carry a knife is because of the high quality of the craftsmanship that created it. Case Cutlery’s pocket knives are obviously well crafted. On top of that, the wide selection of styles for the knives makes it easy to find a suitable knife for different tastes. There is also a wide variety of branded knives up for sale. These have the marks of organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, Harley Davidson, and the United States Marine Corps. More subdued designs in black, brown, and red turn knives into excellent carrying pieces for formal environments.

Style is not the only source of variety in Case knives. There is also a breadth of knife designs for different tasks. Blades come in different lengths, thicknesses, and profiles. Some knives have hooked designs or multiple blades. The versatility of the Case Cutlery lineup is another reason that they are an excellent place to look for a new pocket knife. Their knife selection includes both general purpose designs and specialized knives for doing particular work.

The Trapper line of knives is larger than most others, at 4 ounces and 4.25 inches long, and it carries a clip and a spey blade. Trapper knives are hardy, with tough materials in the casing. Most knife families have a Trapper or Trapper Mini version, with the Trapper blade arrangement and trademark thick handle. Because it is one of the basic form factors, it is easy to get a Trapper knife in almost any style from a registered distributor or outlet.

The bottom line is that for the best in hand crafted and hand finished pocket knives, look to Case Cutlery. The Trapper line is an excellent large sized knife that has two blades, yet still fits into a pocket. The four ounce weight feels strong and durable, and not so heavy that it is burdensome. The design fits well into the hand, and promotes a secure and stable grip. The variety of choices in terms of styling and blade type are another powerful argument in favor of the Trapper line. Case Cutlery builds on their legacy of craftsmanship when they design a knife. Whether that means drawing inspiration from World War II era knives or trying something entirely new, the reputation for quality that the Trapper line in particular holds means that you can be sure to count on a Trapper.