Buck Knives 525 Gent Review

The Buck 525 Gent is a small, lock back and all around great folding pocket knife. The all stainless steel knife features a 1-7/8″ drop point blade and brushed stainless steel handle. Available at an extremely affordable price, the Buck 525 Gent knife is classic in style, strong in power and useful for everyday cutting. The Buck 525 Gent knife exceeded all expectations with its superior performance.

A great feature of the Buck 525 Gent knife is its forever lifetime warranty. Buck, a USA based company, provides a completely free warranty that promises to repair and/or replace any knife, for the life of the knife, with a brand new Buck knife. Though with the quality of the 525 Gent knife, it is unlikely that anyone would need to utilize the warranty that accompanies its purchase.

The Buck 525 Gent is a very small, well made knife. It features a lock back folding feature, allowing users to open it up or close it when not in use. The knife, in either of its two positions, is very thin. Compared to other big name companies, the 525 Gent performs very well. Despite its size, the knife has good weight to it. Made in the USA, this knife is perfect for any kind of use. Measuring about 3 inches when folded closed, this knife is tiny but mighty. The drop point blade is thick middled for use in medium endurance tasks and general work. The blade is made of 420HC steel, which is standard for Buck knives. The materials used to make this knife are solid, creating a smooth open-close motion. Even this material is dubbed “standard”, the 420HC steel used is top notch. Though many knives use carbon alloy, the steel that Buck used is the best of both worlds. The blade is heat treated, so it resists corrosion and maintains durability but also challenges the wear resistance that high carbon alloys have.

Don’t let the size fool you; the Buck 525 Gent is deceivingly sharp. The sharpness is made to last but is also simple to sharpen. The most important feature looked for in a quality knife is clear: an effective cutting edge. The Buck 525 Gent absolutely has this, and in conjunction with the elegant and sleek design, this knife is perfect for so many things. The excellent quality isn’t surpassed simply because it lacks bulk; there are no screws to come undone and fits in a wallet when closed. Being about the thickness of three credit cards, one may worry about it opening and being unsafe when stowed. The lock, however, is solid and clicks obviously, making a notable safety feature. Another great safety feature is the drop tip blade, which minimizes accidents when using the knife for skinning and opening packing materials.

The safety features, however, do not take away from the versatility of this knife. The Buck 525 Gent is perfect for a multitude of uses. Barely visible in the pocket of a suit, a good pair of jeans or a purse, this knife is great for traditional pocket knife uses or where a traditional sized knife would be inappropriate. It can provide protection in a pinch or emergency, the cut of a rope when camping or the opening of a package in the office. The stylish, yet muted, brushed stainless steel handle makes this a perfect option for a subtle carrying knife. If desired, the 525 Gent comes in an Americana themed handle as well. No matter the look, though, this knife is all you’ll need for everyday cutting though it isn’t designed to handle super heavy duty jobs. Though the warranty does come with the knife’s purchase, the dependability of this knife is uncanny which can be expected from Buck’s legendary quality. The excellent workmanship pays off it performance, letting the company live up to its seemingly impossible reputation.

Overall, the Buck 525 Gent knife is a must have item. It’s small size, yet inexpensive price tag makes this the perfect all around knife for daily use, or just to have around the house! The blade is sharp, the product is well made and a lifetime warranty brings peace of mind. This quality, American made product will not disappoint.