Wartech USA Batman Knife Review

wartech usa batman knifeWith the knife industry becoming increasing dominated by companies such as Kershaw, Buck, Benchmade and Spyderco, it is always inspiring to see medium-sized companies enjoying success in producing knives and giving these large brands a run for their money. One of these companies that constantly produces high quality knives is WarTech USA. Their focus on craftsmanship and design is present in all knives that they have designed. This is available in the Batman Knife that has been sold in stores recently. It might not be the most serious looking knife, but it is a cool collectible piece with some real functional workmanship to back it up.


Upon opening the package, people will be impressed to see that the knife comes well presented with an eloquently-designed box bearing the Batman logo. The first thing that users often notice is that it feels very solid and well made. The style of the knife is clearly aimed at people who want a unique design.


The knife combines unique styling and design elements with materials that are used in the majority of modern knives today. It is also perfectly balanced. The weight, width and length are all perfect for everyday use. There are also no loose screws or chips found in this knife,

It is equipped with thumb-studs on one side that are provided by a belt clip. The belt clip is very flexible, quite tight and very strong. This is because there are three screws that hold everything together and allow for easy carrying.

There are two spring-assisted switches on the top of the knife. When the switch is pushed, both the knives come out very quickly. Each blade has three inches of sharp cutting edge. All in all, the knife is 11 1/4 inch long with both blades open.

The Blade

Unlike other knives, the blade has a unique shape. However, it is razor sharp. This unique blade is made from stainless steel that can hold up to corrosion reasonably well. Aside from that, it is extremely resistant to stains that make it ideal for a mid-range pocket knife.

When one blade is open, the knife is only 8 1/2 inches long. When both blades are closed, the knife only measures 5 3/4 inches. Although it has a unique design, WarTech USA made sure that the knife’s grip is not affected. In fact, it is easy to have a secure grip with this knife, and it is not oily.

The blade is nicely centered. Like the rest of the knife, it exhibits high quality that people generally do not get at this price point. Its locking mechanism also locks up the knife solidly and functions flawlessly. It is also easy for people to close the knife with the use of one hand.

The Handle

The Batman knife’s handle is made from plastic. Unlike other knives that have a plastic handle, it is not oily, and the grip is very good. Aside from that, the tough plastic makes sure that the Batman knife is durable and will last for a very long time.


Although there are a lot of things that people like about the Batman knife, there are also a number of things that they would like to see improved upon. One of those complaints is that the safety features on the knife do not work particularly well. Aside from that, the left blade does not stay open if it is opened too slowly.

In addition, the words on the knife get worn away quite easily if a person rubs their fingers on them. There is also a nice fat CHINA label for all to see that spoils some of its cool factor. Some people do not like the fact that the blade is awkward and is extremely difficult to sharpen. The hinges can also easily break off after only a few uses.

The Bottom Line

Although it has some defects, the Wartech USA Batman Knife is one of the best pocket knives available (That is if you’re in to Batman). It is sharp, looks great, has a safe opening speed and is a good value for the money. Aside from that, it has a unique design that will surely impress anyone and is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. This makes it great as both a novelty item and a knife for everyday use.