User Review: Kershaw Chill

I’ve been working in the banking industry for over 15 years, and am active in several social societies. I was raised to believe that carrying a dress knife is part of a gentleman’s daily attire. After my last dress knife was lost in an unfortunate boating accident, I began my search for a replacement knife. I wanted something slim and lightweight with a balanced folding blade. After conducting extensive research, the knife I chose was the Kershaw Chill.


The Kershaw Chill comes with an elegant black handle with a lanyard hole and release button. Designed to be an ambidextrous flipper knife, the Kershaw Chill’s blade is made out of 8CR13MOV steel and is honed sharp right out of the box. With an elegantly refined G-10 handle, the 3.125-inch blade smoothly and easily flips into position. Weighing in at just two ounces, the Kershaw Chill is perfectly balanced and easy to carry in trouser pockets or with the attached clip.

Balanced and Light

Weighing in at just two ounces, the Kershaw Chill in its folded position fits neatly and comfortably in my hand. If I’m in a rush in the morning, I’ll slip my knife into my trouser pockets. In some circumstances, I use the attached belt clip to provide a sturdy grip on the knife. Even when I wear the knife on a lanyard around my neck, the knife feels compact and discreet, which I really like.

When opened, the handle feels natural and comfortable in my grip. While using my Kershaw Chill, I find that cutting, shaving, and slicing motions feel easy and intuitive with no stress or awkwardness. Both horizontal and vertical knife strokes flow smoothly with a nice, even balance.

Discreet Carry

As a gentleman, I know that sometimes a knife needs to be carried discreetly. It may not be appropriate to wear it clipped to a belt or in one’s trouser pockets. For times when discretion is the better part of valor, the Kershaw Chill comes equipped with a lanyard hole. Worn around the neck, the Kershaw Chill can be conveniently tucked into a discreet position next to the body. It gives me peace of mind to know that unless someone searches me aggressively, I’ll be the only one who knows I am carrying my Kershaw Chill.

The Benefits of EDC

More and more people are beginning to appreciate the many benefits of having an EDC knife. Commonly referred to by its initials, EDC stands for Every Day Carry, a lifestyle rapidly growing in popularity across the country. Having a knife on your person as part of daily attire opens up countless opportunities.

Although most gentlemen these days spend few days in the wild outdoors, a good knife can still come in handy. A dress knife like my Kershaw Chill would be great for flaking off tinder or feathering sticks for a fire. But even in the relatively tame confines of daily urban life, having a knife can provide unique opportunities to dispatch common problems.

Whether it is a stuck drawer, an envelope opened, or a need to cut some twine, having an EDC is always beneficial. Dozens of daily circumstances can benefit from having a sharp knife, including: splitting pills, opening wrappers, slicing cheese and cutting the office cake. An EDC knife solves problems in seconds, leaving you to enjoy greater satisfaction from your life.


After I bought my Kershaw Chill, I turned to the online community to discuss my enthusiasm for this knife. I was pleased to find an active group who swap information and methods on how to customize the Kershaw Chill. One member shared how he wished his Kershaw Chill came with jimping, and how rewarding it was to do it himself with a dremel. Another member used home tools to reposition the clip, and one very enterprising member actually re-aligned the blade to better suit his needs.

For gentlemen interested in investigating the engaging hobby of knife customization, the Kershaw Chill knife is a great choice.


One of the things I love most about the Kershaw Chill is its excellent locking system. Once I engage the lock, I can be completely assured that it won’t accidentally disengage at an inopportune moment. But with one smooth motion of my wrist, the blade is open and ready. As one gentleman friend of mine remarked to me the other day, plenty of people have been thankful that they carried a good knife with them, but no one has ever regretted doing so. Quite true words, in my opinion, and I love knowing that my Kershaw Chill gives me options in case exigent circumstances should arise.