Pocket Knife Review: Kershaw OSO Sweet

A popular knife from the trusted company Kershaw, the Oso Sweet represents a pocket-sized combination of form of function. This pocketknife offers the user optimal functionality thanks in large part to its drop-point blade, ease of accessibility, and design features that enhance durability and performance.

Those who need a blade they can access quickly, not to mention safely, will appreciate the Oso Sweet’s SpeedSafe assisted opening feature. This feature allows you to rapidly open the knife using only one hand, while at the same time helping ensure you don’t risk injury. While convenient for all users, the patented SpeedSafe assisted opening feature can be especially helpful for those whose hands are affected by arthritis or anything else affecting motility. When you’re ready to use the blade, all it takes is a simple pull on the featured flipper, and the readied blade emerges from the handle. Further incorporating convenience in the design, Kershaw has designed the flipper as ambidextrous, meaning it is as easily accessible to left-handed as right-handed users.

The 8Cr13MoV steel blade of the Kershaw Oso Sweet is heat-treated, so the blade’s hardness and strength are protected, and its sharp edge is expertly retained. Thanks to this treatment, the blade is also resistant to wear; the Oso Sweet will reliably last for years. During use, the blade is steadied with locking liner. When you’re finished using it, the blade closes as easily as it opened, ready to be stored or carried in your pocket. With proper care, this stainless steel blade easily resists rust.

OSO Sweet Pocket KnifeAs attentive as Kershaw is to matters of function and ease of use, it also pays heed to eye appeal, as evidenced by the scale-like pattern incorporated in the handle of the Oso Sweet. Otherwise, the Oso Sweet is a take on the popular and enduring Ken Onion design. Its handle not only looks unique but also offers durability via its glass-filled nylon design. This stylish and hardy injection-molded handle is additionally easy to grip, boosting its convenience factor.

Sharp and strong, the Kershaw Oso Sweet is appropriate for a wide range of cutting needs, including outdoor uses. Through use on cloth, paper, plastic, rope, and more, you will find that this remarkably sharp blade retains its edge, continuing to slice through nearly anything.

The Oso Sweet lends itself to easy carry at a closed length of only 4.1 inches (10.5 centimeters) and a weight of only 3.2 ounces. The blade length is 3.1 inches (7.9 centimeters). This means that you get an extremely powerful, capable knife that doesn’t weigh you down and is not bulky to carry. Long-time as well as new users of this Kershaw model have consistently praised its ease of handling and carrying, with many surprised at how effectively such a lightweight knife sliced through a broad array of materials. An included pocket clip is reversible, enabling you to easily carry this pocketknife either tip-down or tip-up.

Rarely will users encounter a knife that so fluidly combines light carrying weight, durability, resistance to the elements as well as wear and tear, sharpness out of the box, and ease and access of handling. This knife is ideal for those who have long been fans of the reliable Kershaw brand name along with those who are trying Kershaw for the first time. Whatever your pocketknife needs, the Oso Sweet is equipped to fulfil them with ease. This model remains very highly rated with those who have recently purchased it in additional to those who have used the Oso Sweet as their go-to pocketknife for much longer.

Kershaw, which was founded in 1974, has long had a reputation for provided high-quality, long-lasting products at a reasonable price point. With the Oso Sweet, Kershaw continues its pattern of affording customers an extremely valuable product at a lower price than many comparable knives. The company prides itself on manufacturing products that are reliable and solid, and it backs each knife with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Whether you need a knife for camping purposes, for use in the garage, or for around-the-house needs, you will find that the Kershaw Oso Sweet attends to these needs unfailingly and for years to come.