Tac Force TF-705 Review

reviewA Tac Force knife is the perfect carry-along accessory for your next camping or hiking trip. A very sharp, folding knife like the Tac Force TF-705 can help you survive in the wilderness and negotiate thick bushes or prepare your next meal in the outdoors.

The Tac Force TF-705 overcomes the problems of most foldable knives in that the Tac Force is extremely durable without sacrificing portability. Tac Force knives are controlled by a spring and have a grey, aluminum handle for a great grip even in wet conditions.

Features of Tac Force TF-705

Tac Force knives come in an arrangement of colors, but all the Tac Force TF-705 knives are eight inches long. The blade on these knives is 3.5 inches long and partially serrated. The aluminum handle on the Tac Force TF-705 lineup of knives is 4.5 inches and made of a contoured aluminum that’s both durable and extremely easy to handle.

A Tac Force TF-705 knife also features a belt clip and other handy accessories. A glass breaker and can opener come standard on all the Tac Force TF-705 knives. The construction is a high-carbon stainless steel so you know that these knives are built to last.

These knives feature a protracted tang with a lashing hole as well as a serrated drop-point blade. The drop-point blade also comes with a thumb slot for easy manageability.

The Tac Force TF-705 is so durably made that even repeated uses will not significantly dull the blade over time. The joints are very tough and provide protection against the blade jiggling back and forth even on the toughest cuts.

In terms of durability, the Tac Force TF-705 is a knife that you can depend on for an array of tough jobs. Whether you’re preparing meat, cutting through thickets or getting kindle wood ready for the bonfire, the Tac Force-705 is an essential companion on your next camping or hiking trip.

The Tac Force TF-705 is also very affordable given the quality. You can own a Tac Force TF-705 for approximately ten dollars. There are also deep discounts for purchasing two Tac Force TF-705 knives, and even deeper savings for purchasing five or more knives in one bundle.

Tac Force TF-705 Styles

The Tac Force TF-705GC comes in four styles. Each of the four knives in the Tac Force TF-705 series are spring assisted, but these knives differ from one another in color and aesthetics. For instance, the Tac Force-705GC comes equipped with a camouflage look and is perfect for use in heavily-thicketed areas.

The Police Law Enforcement Tac Force TF-705BK is still spring assisted with a 3.5-inch partially serrated blade, but the Tac Force TF-705BK comes in the classic black styling of a tactical weapon. The word “police” is etched into the side of the versatile Police Law Enforcement Tac Force TF-705BK.

Customers rave that the Tac Force TF-705 is incredibly sharp and durable for an affordable utility knife. Many satisfied customers have noted in online reviews that the Tac Force TF-705 is equally at home around the house and on long camping trips. The spring assisted design never jams and the knife is consistently sharp from one year to the next.

On Amazon’s site alone there are over 1,000 four-star and five-star reviews of the Tac Force TF-705.

Customers note that finding a quality utility knife under $10 with a blade that stays consistently sharp is next to impossible. That is, until they ran into the Tac Force TF-705 utility knife with a 3.5-inch, partially serrated blade and convenient features like belt clip, can opener and glass breaker.