Spyderco Manix2 XL Review

spyderco manix2 xl g-10Pocket knife technology has been getting pretty extravagant these days, so it is nice to see a model that still excels in providing basic functions. Without a doubt, Spyderco Manix2 XL is one of the most impressive blades on the market right now. It is forged with masterful precision to deliver a well-rounded tool for all purposes. Here is a breakdown of the blade’s sheer perfection:

The Big Blade

With Spyderco, sharpness reigns supreme, and this is what everyone cares about in the end. The blade retains an incredibly divine razor-thin edge. This can be directly attributed to the skillful use of CPM-S30V steel. The 98mm blade length showcases a refined art of sleek ruggedness. The edge possesses an impeccable sheen that remains intact after countless consecutive hours of carving and months of ownership. Thanks to heat treat, it is never icy or shrill.

The G-10 Handle

A noticeable amount of jimping has been applied to the external texture of this device. This provides a flawlessly tight grip without sacrificing any accuracy. Slippage is practically impossible when using the Spyderco Manix2 XL; however, there is a slight roughness to the surface that might make gloves helpful during long-term use. All of the stainless steel liners have been subjected to a milling process, which enhances the grip while simultaneously reducing the product’s weight. It comfortably fits in the hand for most cutting activities. The thumb ramp makes holding the blade uniquely cozy, and finger choils maximize sturdiness and aim.

Size Impressions

This knife represents the exquisite epitome of a full-sized apparatus. Overall, the blade is reasonably heavy at just over six ounces. It measures 129mm when closed, so it is astonishingly easy to conceal despite its largeness. The opened length is a whopping 227mm, which shows that Spyderco is taking size seriously with their latest XL line.

The Fold

These models are known to have high tension in the springs, but the side-lock gradually loosens over time. The blade can be accessed within seconds, and it is just as easy to put away in a similarly fast fashion. Every element of the structural design is efficient and ergonomic. There is no wasted space within the knife’s layout, and every part of the piece is purposeful. The ball-bearing locks latch seamlessly every time, and the folded gadget is portable without being excessively prominent in any way. One-handed opening and closing operations will be a breeze with this godly contraption.

The Extras

The conjoined pocket clip is superb. The fastened attachment seals to any fabric without damaging it. Furthermore, the feature is easy to activate for rapid removal and reinsertion. This reliable clip keeps the knife handy at all intervals. Due to the unusually centered position of this joiner, part of the knife will be exposed in certain pockets. This is not really an issue, but it is worth mentioning for those that value privacy and concealment.

The Value

A Spyderco Manix2 XL will be a faithful ally for many generations. There is no way to put a price on how helpful these knives can be, and the initial price should be considered an investment in future survival situations. These durable devices can be found for unexpectedly low rates in the current market, and they are worth every bit of the down payment.


These knives are far more than just functional; in fact, they are extremely aesthetically pleasing. The fluid design is streamlined for eye-catching mobility, and the serrated edges are downright manly. With a flat grind format, there is a lot of undeniable visual appeal backed up be serious power.

In Action

This blade can quickly accumulate a massive list of accomplished feats. Cardboard boxes can be sliced like butter, and there is never even a sign of wear or dullness. It also boasts positive results in the realms of carving and whittling. Setting up camp has never been so much fun, and the process is finished way faster. Spyderco is truly demonstrating their intuitive approach to genuinely crafted pocketknife designs with this brilliant offering. Their Manix2 XL may literally be the best folder available for purchase in stores. So far, nothing has topped its beautiful expertise and masculine might.