The Best Pocket Knife for the Money

best pocket knife for the moneyIf you are looking for a good pocket knife that is inexpensive, this article will reveal the two best knifes that can be had for a price that will not break the bank. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea about which type of pocket knife will be best suited to your needs.

What Type of Pocket Knife Do You Need?

The three basic types of pocket knives are the multi-tool, the single blade and the multi-blade. If you just need a knife for everyday circumstances, a single blade or multi-blade knife will be sufficient. In most cases, a locking blade or a non-locking blade will do the trick. For heavier tasks, consider getting a pocket knife that has a locking blade that is slightly larger. When you go on camping trips, fishing expeditions, or other adventures in the outdoors, go for a multi-tool or multi-blade knife.

Should You Get a Locking Blade or Not?

Some pocket knives come with a handle mechanism that locks whenever the knife is unfolded. This mechanism keeps the knife from going back into the handle while the knife is in use, which prevents your hand from getting caught between the knife’s blade and handle. If you are worried about safety, you will want to get a locking knife. You also want to consider the purposes for which you will be using the knife. For the most part, you will not need a locking blade for everyday usage. Heavy duty tool use or tasks related to hunting will require this type of pocket knife. When the knife is in use, the locking blade also adds a bit of strength to the task at hand. In the end, the decision to purchase a locking blade will largely depend on your planned uses for the tool.

Which Pocket Knife Brands Should You Buy?

To ensure that your pocket knife is of the highest quality, the smartest thing to do would be to stick to the popular and established pocket knife brands. Cheap pocket knifes are usually made from cheap materials. At first glance, these pocket knifes may appear sharp and polished, but soon the blade will dull and other deficiencies will show. When you stick with the established pocket knife brands such as Gerber, Buck Knives, Case and Spyderco, you can rest assured that you purchased a pocket knife of the highest caliber.

What Should the Pocket Knife Blade Be Made Of?

A good pocket knife blade is made from either high carbon stainless steel, high grade stainless steel, damascus steel or carbon steel. Every type of blade material has its pros and cons, so it helps to know a bit about them. In general, stainless steel blades are easier to sharpen and work better in wet conditions. Carbon steel holds its edge longer and is harder. It is also harder to sharpen. High carbon stainless steel is a durable blade that is water resistant, and a damascus blade has qualities similar to stainless steel, plus its aesthetic qualities are coveted by collectors all over the world.

Which Pocket Knives Are the Best Value?

When it comes to inexpensive pocket knives that are of the highest quality, three knives fit the bill. First off is the Patriot by Banner Knives. A relatively new knife to the market, the Patriot has a great feel and strong build. It has a frame lock and ambidextrous thumb studs, and is small enough to carry anywhere.

The second is the Spyderco Delica 4. This lightweight, maneuverable pocket knife can be easily opened with one hand. The stainless steel blade is 2.875 inches long. This pocket knife’s handle is made from Spyderco’s multi-directional texture, which makes the ergonomic knife part easy to grip. This particular pocket knife is good for everyday usage.

The Buck 110 Folding Knife is a classic beauty, sporting a wood-grain handle with polished brass bolsters. The stainless steel clip blade measures 3-3/4 inches long. For over 100 years, Buck Knives have been making beautifully crafted pocket knives. When you buy this particular knife, it comes with a sheath and a lifetime warranty that is unconditional. If you want an inexpensive pocket knife that has proven its worth as a timeless classic time and time again, you will want to seriously consider buying the Buck 110 Folding Knife. You can read our full review of this amazing blade here.

Hopefully this guide to the best pocket knives for the money has got you thinking about what you want out of this valuable tool. Take the information from this article, locate the pocket knives that have the qualities you want, and above all, have fun knifing.