Benchmade Adamas Review

benchmade adamas reviewUsing the Benchmade Adamas will never leave one out of the game; never benched. It is more than a good-sized pocket knife. Size matters, but the quality construction is felt every time I pull it out for smooth action opening. After a good break-in period it is still tight and smooth with unmatched reliability and no play at the hinge. The Adamas may very well be the last blade I need to complement my gear. Carrying a good knife is a sweet addiction and I keep mine on me at all times. I am certain my next blade purchase will be Benchmade. The Benchmade blades are all keepers. I cannot imagine not having this quality blade in my hand when I need it.

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The grip size is a perfect fit in the hand matched with undeniable strength. The Adamas is fearless to use on any size job. There is nothing I cannot go after with this blade. Benchmade quality is noticeable from the first time it comes out of the box and into my hand. The jimping all the way around is exceptional. I was surprised to feel that the thumb stud is ambidextrous. Not that I am going to be handing it to my lefty brother any time soon. It may not have new car smell, but the feel of a new blade is always exciting and puts a grin on my face. I flip it open and feel immediate satisfaction. A good fit! Now that I have used it for a while I have to say, it just gets better. This is not a knife for the meek; it is beefy in hand and is a real man’s blade. The design has more than a cool look, it is ergonomic, comfortable to hold, and a smart weight. The holes in the handle design keep excess weight down which means no hand fatigue for me. There are days when I use my knife so much and I am confident that when I pull it out my hand is not complaining. The fixed blade Adamas is just as remarkable in craftsmanship and quality as the auto open. Sometimes a guy needs a quick pull and action ready. The strap that secures it in the sheath keeps it from annoying movement. The grab on this handle is tough, the guard and jimping are just right in the hand.

Even though there is a reversible pocket clip on the Adamas auto-open, I don’t always want to reach in, so I do use the sheath it came with. It is notable how strong the material is and how effortlessly the blade goes in and out. So many times my other hand is busy, therefore it is nice to have a reliable case that truly is a one-hand operation. It is the heavy tab at the top which secures out of the way with Velcro that allows for my favorite one-hand action without compromise to a smooth pull and opening of the blade. Just like the Adamas itself, the more I use the sheath, the better it gets too.

If you are a collector, you would like the blade markings of the well-known Benchmade insignia, plus they are numbered. I am not a collector, but my number is so close to the number of days I had been out with my dad before his health started to decline. We went on a weekend benders either fishing or hunting. What are the odds? It was just cool, so like I said earlier, my Adamas is a keeper.
It is true that proceeds from the Adamas go to a U.S. Army Ranger Assistance Fund. I am really proud to carry this knife. American made, tough steel construction, and there is nothing better in my hand. If you have never had a blade that makes you feel like a warrior, then you never held this Adamas.

Check out the Benchmade Adamas, Available Now on Amazon!