Gerber Legend: A New Ultra High End Knife

The Gerber Legend Hunting Knife celebrates Gerber’s 75 years in business. The Gerber Company has produced excellent knifes for a variety of purposes throughout those years, and the Gerber Legend is a wonderful representation of this quality that customers have come to rely on. This all-purpose hunting knife has a new, more superior stainless steel blade then the average hunting knife. It stands up to the challenges hunters need it for with flying colors.

Each one is constructed in Portland, Oregon by hand to ensure it is the best knife you’ll find for all your hunting needs. Because the Gerber Legend is handmade, quality becomes a priority. Mistakes and flaws don’t slip through as with factory manufactured pieces. Gerber is also proud to say this knife is 100% made in the USA.

As Gerber’s ultimate hunting knife, it has been developed and refined to be the ideal knife. The gerber design team worked hard to make sure this knife met all the requests of dedicated hunters who are looking for a hunting knife that they can trust to hold up over time and function properly. It was then field tested by expert hunters to ensure quality and functionality. Before being sold, each Gerber Legend Knife is fitted to its own leather sheath that has been formed and constructed by local craftsmen. When you receive yours, it will come in a gift box along with a story book and an authentic signature card.


The highlighted feature of the Gerber Legend Knife is its solid steel blade made out of S35VN. This specialty steel holds an edge longer than your average chromium steel blade while resisting corrosion. The steel is brought to Gerber by Syracuse, New York’s Crucible Industries who have specialized in steel products since 1876.

Each Gerber Legend Knife comes with a leather sheath. The sheath serves two main purposes. First it becomes a safety feature as it holds the knife in securely with the added safety strap. The knife won’t slip free. Second, it protects the knife’s edge against damage when not being used. Each sheath is custom created for the Gerber Legend by the Gerber design team and local craftsmen from Tanner Goods of Portland. The leather is hand selected in order to meet Gerber’s high standards of durability and attractiveness.

Gerber looks at the sheath for the Legend Hunting Knife as being just as important as the piece itself. More than 20 hours goes into the construction of each and every one. The sheath includes an inner protective sleeve that holds the knife securely while preventing any mildew growth. It also keeps the edge from becoming damaged throughout the knife’s lifetime.

Gerber wanted to find a material for the handle that would withstand the test of time. The G10 handle is practically impossible to break. This material is durable, rugged, and strong, but it is still lightweight. The handle is accented with a Spalted Maple inlay. Each piece of Maple is hand-picked for its beauty and unique appearance. The two pieces are put together in a way that keeps dirt, moisture, and humidity from penetrating.


  • Blade length is four inches
  • Overall length is nine inches
  • Knife weight is 6.1 ounces alone and 9.6 ounces with the sheath.
  • The blade material is CPM S35VN.
  • The hardness is 58 – 61 HRC.
  • The handle material consists of G-10 and Oregon Splated Maple.
  • The sheath material is leather with a synthetic insert.


  • Specialty High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • G-10 Handle With 3-D Machined Onlay
  • Custom Handmade Leather Sheath
  • 100% USA Made
  • Machined Full Tang Handle
  • Oregon Spalted Maple Inlay on Handle
  • Individually Serialized

The Gerber Legend Hunting Knife celebrates the companies 75 years in business by proving once again that they produce quality, USA made knifes that hunters can count on for years to come. Not only does this knife function well and hold its edge successfully throughout its lifetime, it has been created to look attractive as well with the Spalted Maple inlaid handle. Sold in a gift box with sheath included, the Gerber Legend Hunting Knife makes an excellent gift as well as useful tool.