Benchmade 707 Sequel Review

benchmade 707 sequelThe Benchmade 707 Sequel folding knife is a general purpose knife that is available with two different blade configurations. These include a choice of plain or a combo edge. With a combo edge one gets the benefits of a serrated edge and a plain edge. You can also get the poly-ceramic BenchKote coating with a non-glare matte black finish. The coating will add extra resistance to corrosion, making this knife ideal for wet conditions. A secure grip is provided by the machined aluminum handle with inlays of black G-10. The handle also has a detachable belt clip for added convenience.

It comes with a Clip-Point blade where the dull edge begins straight and then it angles gently towards the tip of the knife. The tip is located at the center of the blade’s width. The two thirds of the back edge towards the tip are clipped, making the point sharper and thinner. A 154CM Stainless Steel is used for the blade at 59 to 60 Rc. The blade is 2.95 inches long, and it was designed for tougher industrial style application. It has excellent edge quality and toughness as well as corrosion resistance.

The AXIS locking mechanism is patented by Benchmark. A steel bar slides back and forth in a machined slot found in both steel liners. Placed over the rear part of the blade, this bar extends on both sides to span the liners. This is what engages the tang when the knife is opened. Springs help lock it in place. Having the Axis bar extended on both sides allows this knife to be used in an ambidextrous fashion.

Features and Specifications:

  • Length of Blade – 2.95 inches (7.5 cm)
  • Thickness of Blade – 0.120 inches (3.05 mm)
  • Material – 154CM Stainless Steel
  • Hardness – 58 to 60 HRC
  • Style – Dual Thumb Ambidextrous Stud with Modified Clip
  • Handle Materials – G10 Inlays, 6061-T6 Aluminum, and 410 Stainless Steel Liners
  • Clip – Reversible, Black, and Tip-Up
  • AXIS Locking Mechanism
  • Full Length – 6.75 inches (17.15 cm)
  • Length When Closed – 3.8 inches (9.65 cm)
  • Class – Blue
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Using the Benchmark 707 Sequel

This knife is not only convenient for daily chores, but it is perfect when backpacking. It can be stored in a sheath for easy access or you can use the built in clip. The clip keeps the knife close by and secure. It can be attached to a belt or pocket with the assurance that it will stay in place.

The AXIS locking mechanism allows one to easily open or close the knife with the use of only one hand. This makes it a convenient knife and will help the user save time. It is especially useful when working on something where you cannot always free up both hands.

The blade can be used for cutting plastic, cardboard, rope, and many other materials. It even works well when preparing fire tinder or wood for whittling. Consumers also find it suitable for foods when kept clean. The blade will remain sharp even after continuous use. The 154CM steel used in the blade is durable, easy to sharpen, and holds its edge nicely. It slightly wider dimension allows for a sturdier feel to the knife compared to other drop point blades. The extra width also makes work with foods simpler.

The handle provides comfort even with prolonged use of the knife. The design of the handle and grip feels secure at all times, even when using additional force.


This knife has a lightweight design and thin profile that make it ideal for daily use. It can be opened easily with just one hand, and it stays in place with the durable locking mechanism. The steel blade is of high quality and retains its sharpness nicely.


This knife may seem a bit pricey.


If you’re looking for a good knife for backpacking or everyday use, the Benchmark 707 Sequel is ideal. It does light cutting jobs easily, and it is quite strong despite its light weight design. The sturdy style and aluminum handles feel solid in your hand. It opens smoothly, locks in place securely, and is nicely balanced. It retains its sharp edge, even after many uses.